Could A Chinese Trade War Become Violent?

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) believes that President Trump’s planned tariffs on China could result in an actual war.

Cleaver stated, “The president made an error, and I’m sorry that I can’t have any joy in his error because what is happening in Missouri is the president has successfully created some degree of panic in the rural part of the district I represent. For example, in a little town called Malta Bend we have an ethanol plant, and when you cut back on corn or put tariffs on corn, you’re going to probably cause a little town to lose a significant portion of its workers. The thing that people need to also understand is soybeans is one of the biggest exports coming out of Missouri, out of the district I represent. The farmers aren’t happy at what is going on.”

“I also think that the president hopefully will back away from this because many of the people that he has befriended over the years, wealthy people in Wall Street are looking at a very, very antsy market. People are nervous about the president’s discussion about this ill-advised trade war. And there is always a concern when you start talking about a trade war that it won’t — that it won’t ultimately turn into a blood war.”

  • Rick

    Hey Moron, don’t you know the Chinese have already agreed to work with us to make our trade deficit less then what is . Thank You President Trump

    • WhiteFalcon

      I hadn’t heard that yet. I hope it is true. When we only charge a 2.5% tariff on Chink goods while they charge a 25% tariff on ours, there needs to be a great leveling, and Trump is trying to “git’er done.”

  • Eugene Crocker

    The Chinese have been stealing from us to boost their economy. It is about time a president, did something about it. Obumma couldn’t find his way, out of a wet paper bag. That is the main reason this country, was almost flushed, down the toilet. The other problem started, with one of the Bush children, not watching over our country properly. This all happened after a fiasco, the Clinton’s left behind of corruption and deceit. Everyone knows that William Clinton, could not control his Willie, it got him impeached by congress. That was the beginning of the end, of any sensible government. He can lie and get away with it, was all that the politicians could see. They all jumped on the band wagon, filling our government, with lies and deceit. Then came little boy Obombma, filling the shoes of the Clinton’s very well. He lied and cheated our government, of anything that was honorable or good. There was no honor in his presidency, he was the most despicable, person to ever enter the White House. Now we have President Trump who is trying, to do the right thing, being punished by the liberal media, for doing nothing wrong at all. This is ultimately the worst, thing the liberal democrats, have ever done, trying to cover up their illegal crimes. It is time to take them to task for their corruption, if nothing else take them all to Git-mo Cuba, where they can no longer hurt, our beautiful country.