CNN Say’s Trump Wishes McCain Would Die

Ana Navarro of CNN stated she believes the Trump administration is annoyed that Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) has not yet died of cancer.

“First of all, I’m dying — Amy, you’re dying,” Navarro stated. “We are all dying. We just don’t know when. I think, frankly, what’s happening here is the White House is irritated John McCain is not dying of cancer. He’s living with cancer. And he is choosing to make every single day on this earth something that’s meaningful and counts. He is still confronting Trump for his outrages. He is still speaking conscience and conviction and principle.”

“He is reminding Republicans what we used to be,” she continued. “It’s very irritating to the White House, I suspect, on this torture issue because McCain speaks with a moral certitude that few can, of that of a man that was actually tortured for years — who has experienced in his own bones and his own skin and has got the scars to show for it. So no, John McCain is not dying with cancer. He is living with cancer.”

  • Vince


  • lill8

    That is all CNN does is assume, they assume that people care what they think. Not so much. As far as McCain, who is dying for 20 years with brain cancer?

  • Raquel Salientes

    There is a saying in Spanish “Mala hierba nunca muere.” – Bad weed never dies.


    yes, CNN made an ass of themselves. Ana Navarro, who the hell you think you are, you should lose your American citizenship, that is if you are American, for they way you are, don’t think so. Ana you are so far left, there is not a single cell in your body that can make sense. your brain is totally corroded.

  • Jaron Gant Joyner

    It’s very sad-That John McCain seems to be a very Bitter old Man.I would hate to leave this world with all that Hate.I mean really he’s more than paid Trump back.Trump made A one time bad-Statement-And McCain-Has gone after him ever since—I mean give it a Break.GOD-Won’t like you coming into his House-With all that “HATE”!!!

    • Oscar Pearson

      We don’t know if McCain is going up or down – my money is down!

  • Susan Smith

    CNN is nothing but FAKE NEWS idk how they get away with printing propaganda lies and pure trash everyday! Nothing ever has a source or vetted just pure blatant lies!


    by the way, McCain is dying a hard death, he knows he is dying, and wants to make every step of they way harder for himself. Maybe he ought to Pray to God for forgiveness, for all the wrong he has done and keep on doing. He is not doing anything good for the country, to the contrary his retard way of thinking is doing more damaging than good. Anyone that thinks the way he thinks and dying is dying in a remorse death. I am sure, he also is hurting himself, maybe it is time for him to finish his anguish

    • Oscar Pearson


  • madmemere

    Rather ironic assumption, since the “canary” has NO conscience and certainly NO principles; all evidenced by his voting and politicizing habits over the years.

  • Finder1009

    Let’s see, that traitor is about to die and trying to take America with him. His continued efforts to destroy the American way of life and push for the NWO and the liberal agenda shows he would rather destroy America than let it prosper.

  • Fed Up With Politicians

    Isn’t CNN tired of being wrong yet?

    • John D

      No. It’s what they do. They would lie when the truth would suffice.

  • richardcancemi

    He is a betraying backstabber who has lied about being a Republican. He was never honest enough to admit he favored the Leftists in the so-called Democratic party. We are all going to die and so is he going to die. Nothing special there. He might be better off atoning for his misdeeds than continuing with his malice of heart.

    • I agree 150%

    • rick meek

      In total agreement but I wish the same for Hanoi Jane =——- and it looks like it’s coming to happen….

  • HanosunnesWoom Root

    excuse me?! how ghoulish can CNN get!!?

  • Oscar Pearson

    McCain meaningful?

  • rick meek

    I have NO GOOD wishes to offer this WTPOS……but to take Hanoi Jane with him…..

  • Jerrold Hamilton

    I am tired of people claiming McCain is a hero,the NV never tortured him it was his fellow prisoners that kept braking his arms because of the fact that McCain would run to the NV with every plan of the

    others came up with to disobey their captures how do you think he got the name songbird.

  • whocares6

    song bird john is proof that torture works!!

  • Leslie Edgar Herrin

    When I was first diagnosed with cancer, I wanted to correct my wrongs, do as much as I could for my Family and Country, and prepare myself for the hereafter. Thank God I have been in remission for 7 years and feeling great. I see McCain doing the opposite. It’s appalling. Many years ago, the military taught me that it was my duty to avoid capture at all costs. If captured, never stop trying to escape, and never give up.

  • Ana Navarro is a cock sucking liberal bitch with shit for brains. Personally, I can’t wait until McCain dies. He’s been a major shit head for the Republican party.

    • John D

      LOL. Don’t hold back, how do you really feel?

  • ROB

    John McCain speaks as a bitter loser. He, like Hillary, finds things to blame his loss to obammer on anything but himself. He is a loser. Period.

  • dosadoe

    Ana Nutvarro is at it again trying to impugn other people and assigning motives to them! What a nut job!

  • John D

    Ana Navarro is trash. John McStain is a disgrace and needs to die sooner rather then later. He is corrupt and he is a traitor. Hero? Hero my azz.

  • WhiteFalcon

    What a bunch of crap. JM is going down from cancer and I think it will be before Christmas. That will be a good thing for America because he is such a moron. It is time for Songbird McCain to retire from the Congress, but he lacks the intelligence or the good grace to do so.

  • Janis

    Ana Navarro is a raving lunatic who just loves to hear herself rage. She is just one taco away from being Rosie O’Donnell.

  • Jmanjo

    Navarro s a lying witch that just cannot shut her ugly face about Trump. She is still upset that he won and that wench from Central America cannot stand that Trump wants to clean up the nation from illegal aliens!

  • bandit1

    The prick is spending his last days on the Earth trying to sabotage EVERYTHING our elected president is trying to accomplish to make our country better.. His last breath will be exhausted doing anything he can to obstruct and standing the way of the will of everyone who voted for our president. the sooner he and his kind are gone the better !!!!

  • Shelly Shannon

    I wouldn’t wish McCain’s situation on anyone, but his condition does not leave him closed to scrutiny when It comes to the President. I do not agree that McCain rejects everything this President does because of morals. I believe McCain had joined forces with the Democrats as part of the resistance movement. I believe that McCain would sell his soul to see a Democrat in the White House. I really think that no matter which Republican was President McCain would still stand on the Democratic side.

  • connie eley

    McCain is a lying traitor of this country. He aligned himself with the communist vietnam and gave up secret info while imprisoned. That would make him a traitor and subject to being tried for treason. He is not a hero, the hero’s are the ones that died in vietnam not someone who came home and used the people of this country to advance his career. He is on low life human being who is trying his best to ruin this country before he dies. No one should grieve for him since he is a traitor and turncoat and should have been tried for treason when he returned from vietnam instead of being granted hero status. He will be punished by the god almighty when he is gone and that is very fitting for a person of his lowlife way of treating the people of this country the way he has and is knowing what his fate is.

  • Topmouse

    I’ve lived in Arizona for the last 23 years, believed in and voted for McCain. He was not the same person he is now or I would never have voted for him, nor Jeff Flake. Neither of them will be running for Senate again, but they should not forget that they are supposed to be representative of the wishes of those of us who put them in office during the time they have left as Senators. So just pull up your grownup pants and support our duly elected President even though you may personally resent him. Grownups know to not hold “grudges”.