CNN Drills Kavanaughs Attorney

MSNBC’s Katy Tur recently interviewed Brett Kavanaugh‘s attorney Beth Wilkinson about the allegations made by Julie Swetnick.

Partial transcript as follows:

TUR: These latest rounds are extraordinarily serious. Your client says he doesn’t know Mrs. Swetnick. He calls the allegations ridiculous and from the twilight zone. Is your client 100% confident he’s never met her?

WILKINSON: He doesn’t know her. He’s never met her. We had people calling our office saying they don’t know her. They’ve never seen her at the parties that they attended with him. When you think about the allegations, they are alleging that for years there were gang rapes going on with multiple men, multiple women being victims. That’s such a frightening allegation. I don’t understand how her lawyer didn’t go immediately to the police, and back then why people wouldn’t have said something. We understand why women don’t generally report sexual assault and they often don’t talk about it for a long time, but this a quantum leap different. This is a frightening allegation that there were groups of boys with groups of girls over two years involved in drinking, drugs and gang rape. And no one ever went to the police, no one has gone to the police to this day to report those allegations? It’s truly outrageous.

TUR: Are you calling her a liar?

WILKINSON: I’m not calling her a liar. I think she has known about this for a while, supposedly, and so has Mr. Avenatti. He waved this on some of your programs since last weekend and said he knew about it and he never went to the police. As an attorney, I know what my obligation is. It’s to my client. And if I had represented her, it would have been my duty to go to the police immediately and report this. If this is true, it is a horrible thing. There’s nothing that could have stopped Mr. Avenatti from going to the FBI or the police to start an investigation on his own. As far as I can tell from reading this, that wasn’t done.

TUR: All the women who have accused your client of misconduct have one similar thing in common. They all say he drank to excess. There are other folks out there from his high school years and from his college years who say the same thing, he drank to excess. Your client also admits he did at some times have a few too many beers. If that’s the case and if there’s a potential out there for him being black out drunk or very drunk, how is he confident of his memories?

WILKINSON: First of all, almost every high school and college student could be accused of the same thing or have done, had drinks, had too many drinks. That’s not the same as being black out drunk and not remembering this. He knows that he didn’t know this woman. She’s not saying it’s once. She’s saying it’s over two years. This wasn’t a one time thing. That’s the same with the other two women. All the people who are supposedly there in those instances have said it didn’t happen or they don’t have any recollection. There’s not one person who is saying they were there. In each of the incidents there’s groups of people that were identified as present. That’s not typical in these allegations. Normally it’s one man and one woman and it’s hard to determine. Here, especially in the most recent outrageous allegation, there’s scores of people involved for years.

TUR: Why is your client not demanding an FBI investigation to get to the bottom of this?

WILKINSON: He didn’t know about this until it came out today. Mr. Avenatti has had this information for weeks.

TUR: Is he now demanding an FBI investigation?

WILKINSON: He knows he didn’t do it.

TUR: Why doesn’t he want an FBI investigation? If there’s multiple people who can go on the record or go under oath or be interviewed by the FB, why would he not want the FBI to get involved?

WILKINSON: Thankfully our system doesn’t work the way you’re suggesting.

TUR: This is a job interview. It’s two different things.

WILKINSON: It’s out here in the public opinion and what you’re doing is a perfect example. You’re claiming because he was drinking, he must have done it.

TUR: I asked you about his memory. Don’t put words in my mouth. I asked if he was confident of his memories. That’s all I asked.

WILKINSON: I heard your last session and you were saying there’s so much detail. There’s no detail in here. There’s no place. There’s one or two years generally. There’s no other people. There’s no dates. There’s no times. There’s no information. There are multiple people supposedly involved within several years, not just her. She saw other women being gang raped and it’s never been reported. I don’t know what the lawyer did and I feel sorry for her for getting dragged into this and any other woman getting dragged into it but that doesn’t mean the accusations are true. This is a horrible commentary on our process this is what we’re putting people through who wants to be in public service. It’s important to treat everybody in the process with dignity and giving them the presumption of innocence whether you’re inside a courtroom or outside.

TUR: Let me read you something the president said about this this morning. ‘You don’t find people like this. He’s outstanding. He’s a gem and he’s being treated unfairly by the Democrats who are playing a con game. They laugh at what they are getting away with.’ Does your client believe it’s a con game by the Democrats? That these women are part of a con by the Democrats and that the Democrats are laughing in a back room about what they are able to pull off?

WILKINSON:  My client knows that he didn’t do this. He’s not speculating about all those things. What he knows is all of his friends and family all say this isn’t like him. Nobody corroborates one of these allegations that they saw this happen or were in the room. Even the lady who knows Dr. Blasey and was friendly with her and was in the same party says she’s never met Judge Kavanaugh. He’s not speculating about the politics. What he’s telling you is what he knows. He did not do this.

TUR: Does your client believe any of the accusers against the president?

WILKINSON: Does he what?

TUR: Does he believe any of the women who came out and accused the president of sexual misconduct?

WILKINSON: I don’t know what that has to do with this. I’ve never discussed that with him. We’re talking about what’s happening here. I came today to be on your program to tell you what he believes and what we know. That’s it. I’m not here to make political arguments and comment on what the president said or didn’t say. The point is someone is making these outrageous allegations about him with no detail over multiple years with multiple people and he’s telling you he did none of it. He doesn’t know her. I’ve had people call me and email me saying they know him. They’ve never met her. They’ve never seen her and never heard of any of these allegations. I’ve got to believe if this was happening over two years someone else would have heard about it and reported it. Not the day before the hearing. He’s had an entire hearing, a background investigation, none of these people, including Mr. Avenatti’s client, came forward until the day before the hearing.

TUR: Does he believe Dr. Ford is lying?

WILKINSON: He doesn’t believe anyone is lying or not lying. All he can say is what he knows. He did not do this. He’s never engaged in that behavior. He was a normal kid. He played sports. He was a good student. He drank beers and sometimes he said things he regrets and cringes at, like all of us. But that is very different than saying did you engage in a sexual assault. Absolutely not. He did not do that.

  • Ima Barber

    This would have gone different if it was me being interviewed.
    Tur: are you calling her a lier?
    Me: Yes, she is a b!#ch who is getting paid by a lowlife to ruin a mans character and she should be arrested and given 10 years in prison.

    • Andrew Molina

      I can see what the next accusation will be. ” mr Kavanaugh, did you endorse the US government to poison the public with the con trails from jet engine exhaust”.

      • Estell Newton

        I’m not too familiar with Flake but isn’t it possible he wanted the FBI investigation to clear Kavanaugh and prove Ford a liar rather than finding a reason to believe her?

        • rivahmitch

          On a 10 point scale, I’d rate that probability as zero! Flake lives down to its name.

          • Estell Newton

            Wishful thinking on your part.

          • rivahmitch

            What’s “wishful thinking on my part”? I’m a strong conservative and despise RINOs like Flake (though when ran 6 yers ago, I like other TP members supported him). However, the reality I see is that it has opposed virtually every piece of conservative legislation put forward, betrayed its early supporters, and become sufficiently unpopular in its home state that it announced lone ago that it would not be running again. I’d be pleasantly surprised (nay, STUNNED) if your speculation above were true BUT, pray tell, how does my comment represents “wishful thinking” on my part?

          • Estell Newton

            Flake isn’t letting anyone know how he will vote. They all should do that. It should not be made public or talked about between friends let alone enemies. I don’t see things the way you do.. Unfortunately the democrats are fighting Trump at every chance they get because they lost.

          • rivahmitch

            WRT your last sentence, I agree. So, however, is Flake. Why would this be an exception?

          • Estell Newton

            it shouldn’t be the exception. It should be the rule Keep mouths shut till time to vote.

        • gvette

 a judge, he has already had 6 investigations.

          • Estell Newton

            And he’s still on the bench. If he were guilty he wouldn’t be.

          • gvette

            That is correct. DemonRATS can’t seem to figure that out.

          • Estell Newton

            I wonder if she knows where she is now and how she got there.

          • gvette

            You better believe she does. remember, she’s a DemonRAT activist.
            One that lies!

          • Estell Newton

            She’s in lala land and has no idea where that is.

          • gvette

            LOL…That’s where most of them live!

          • Estell Newton

            It’s more like all of them. They don’t want any thing accomplished and then they gripe because nothing is getting accomplished.

          • gvette

            LOL..soooo true. DemonRATS would bitch if they got hung with a new rope.

          • Estell Newton

            They bitch even when they get their way. And it’s always Trump’s fault especially if they’re at fault.

          • gvette

            LOL..we had 8 years of a gay communist coon that blamed Bush for everything.

          • Estell Newton

            You are so right.

  • Mike Tanco


    • Estell Newton

      I would dare say all of them and they’re all pro abortion

  • Harpistjill

    So sad that this political kind of stuff has to happen. Embarrassing for me that women behave the way, Ford, Ramirez, and Swetnick are behaving! Shameful for the women who do this as it dilutes the seriousness of the real victims who have been raped or sexually assaulted in some way. But very telling – the democrats project onto innocents how they have been treated by democrats -remember what Clinton did to Paula Jones and Juanita Broderick as just 2 examples! This playbook is the real life experiences from the democrats!

    • Estell Newton

      I know from persona; experience that courts and cops don’t always believe the victims but this case is the reason. There’s no reason whatsoever why she said all those things and I still think she framed her statement around comments in the forums.


    • David Rice

      clinton also raped a 16 years old girl. buy what do you expect when his family ran a whore house in Arkansas.

  • Estell Newton

    I agree with Wilkinson. Tur should have reported it. And so should Ford have. You don’t have to file charges and testify in court to file a report. At least there would have been something writing. My guess is it didn’t happen and there are serious charges to filing a false police repot.

  • David Rice

    hell cnn will make up fake news about this just to give the liberal leftist something to read. the leftist are afraid if he gets in they won’t be about to go out screw around an get knocked up then they couldn’t get a abortion because they screw around and got knocked up and don’t want the child. that is the way the leftist think. oh i get knocked up i can get a abortion so i don’t have to worry about my drinking and screwing around. they don’t mind killing a unborn baby.

  • Chris Berg

    Katy Turd is a brainless left wing shrill who has a nasty transvestite father. Her impression of reality and decency is very suspect.

  • gideonrockwell

    Why would anyone on the right give an interview to the Libertard Zombies at CNN. I deleted CNN from the channel lineup at my house because I was afraid it would lower everyone’s I.Q.. I would rather watch reruns of Scooby Doo it makes more sense and is way far more educating.

  • Patrick Feeney

    CNN = Crappy News Network