Christie On Trump/Mueller Interview

Former Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) told ABC’s “Good Morning America,” that President Trump’s attorneys “can’t let” him interview with special counsel Robert Mueller.

When asked about the money President Trump paid back Michael Cohen for Stormy Daniels, Christie stated, “Rudy has to clean it up. That’s what lawyers are hired to do. He puts it out rather than having some reporter give breaking news that the president reimbursed it, so it’s a typical— it’s a typical thing to do and it wasn’t surprising at all.”

“I think Bob Mueller is looking at much bigger things than that. When you look at the questions he put out it backs up what we said, you can’t let this guy be interviewed. You can not let the president be interviewed. You look at the list of questions, and without follow-ups, that’s 10, 12 hours of questioning there. You don’t want to expose your client to that.”

  • Daniel Brofford

    No President Trump should tell Mueller better luck next time punk. It is time to shut this crap down. Get rid of Sessions. I don’t care what anyone says he’s no good. Actions speak louder than words. He has done not much. A little something on immigration but nothing else. He’s got to go

    • Tony Barreda

      Why are the Trumpistas so averse to the illegitimate president answering questions. If he has nothing to hide, he should do it. So much talk about him not testifying is further indications that might be criminally guilty.

      • Shelly Shannon

        You already know the answer to your own question so why do you put it out here? This is a purgery trap. Why should our President answer anything Muller asks? You can’t indict a sitting President, but you can frame him for impeachment. Even the judge is questioning Mullers tactics. Muller can serve the president with a supeonea, and then Trump can kick his ass.

        • Tony Barreda

          In other words, you’re are saying the president will lie. Perjury is based on willful act of lying. Of course you would never say the fake president is a chronic liar and covers up wrong doings.

      • Daniel Brofford

        Evidently you’ve never dealt with the police and don’t get me wrong that is a great thing but when you talk to the police they can take something you say and make it look like something else. I look at it like this if I did something wrong it’s your job as the police to prove me guilty it’s not on me to help you and if I didn’t do anything I’m still not going to talk to the police because there is just no reason for me to do so. Anyone with a thinking brain can see that these people are out to get Trump anyway that they can so he’s not obligated to talk to them so I just wouldn’t. Like Shelly says Mueller is out to get Trump for anything that he can. You can’t indict a sitting President but you can impeach him. Why would we want the best President ever to be impeached. That wouldn’t make sense anyway If the Democrats really try that there will be a shooting war do you really want that to happen. Just get yourself a job and chill. If you people were to help we could get our country back together after Clinton bush and obama has tried their best to destroy it. Help us MAGA. Americans want jobs, secure borders, tax cuts to keep more of our money. We want the very things the democrats say they don’t want for us. Come on buddy get on board.

      • TheTech

        Tony, Illegitimate President? Coming from a person who worshipped a known anti-American and not born in the USA Obama. That is where you look for Illegitimate !
        Your so very proud of Obama’s accomplishments such as on his very own added 12 trillion to the National debt- more then all combined past Presidents did. Your even so much more proud that Obama hasn’t the slightest thing to show for such a massive debt that beats the entire combined past Presidents ever did make ! Not the slightest thing AT ALL !!! REJOICE !!!! Anyone with a brain would think that if you do something such as massive waste of money at least you could of put it towards something- if anything at all- that may have even failed – as your reason to show such a massive expense! But not a democrat !!! You prove to be the stupid ones !!! Obama blew it all away and gave 150 billion to a country that so many multiple times held protests in IRAN that were about outright DESTROYING America ! Getting there by way of a late night plane landing at a blacked out airport as well. Kind of proves he was trying to hide the fact of what Obama did. That is you democrats- give and aid to this countries enemies. Your party is well known for it ! Plus Hillary selling our uranium to Putin. Plus she pockets unexplained cash from Putin in her Clinton Foundation. You know Putin already has his uranium and his nukes. He got it for his buddy in IRAN. The two things they needed to help finish off creating NUKES was Uranium and needed cash. Hillary and Obama aided to them and you REJOICE in your lunacy!!!! You even will when the nukes hit and your burning in nuke flames for about 55 seconds jumping around in joyous glee how you voted for them as well !!! Then you finally burn and die. Maybe your even more proud that Obama himself owns another record of all Presidents ! He played more rounds of golf then any past President ever! REJOICE knowing that Obama also holds that record as well!!! Your incredibly stupid remark I need you to respond to me so I can level your butt !!! I know, I see your past comments that you think your smart. Now I have you. Respond so I can level you and embarrass you with more of your lunacy. I will waste you ! I have squadrons of F-35’s and F-22’s. Fully loaded. All you have is a tri-plane with a propeller. You lite firecrackers and toss them out as your offense. Thing is, your even still sitting on the ground ! Show me how stupid you are and respond! I am going to literally eliminate you! All you have is liberal fantasy and make belief stories that you can not defend or support. I have the real facts and I intend to destroy you with them ! Your stupidity really flows in your comments. Answer this, do you agree with what Nancy Pelosi said a few times over a few days that she is having real issues with our current President Bush and he is not responding to her. Or answer this, do you agree with what Hillary said why she lost was because of your Socialists in your party? Or, a quote from Hillary in 2005 when she said, Quote,” Look, the average democrat voter is just plain stupid. They’re easy to manipulate. That’s the easy part.” Hillary Clinton as told to Dick Morris in “Rewriting History.” 2005. Research this and you will find it is true what she said. Your a perfect example of what she said ! I have more from leaders of your own party just outright telling people while being interviewed of how stupid democrats are! They even tell you people this and that they manipulate you! And yet, there you go- out to show support for them and even still vote for them ! That is deep true stupidity and you prove what she said as well!!! I can unload another one from another leader of yours as well.

      • disqus_7EcB0kPDrU

        HELLO!!!!!! We elect our Presidents with the electoral college. Trump won in a massive landslide. Not even close to “illegitimate”.

      • Original Anna

        Because the Constitution says Mueller can’t indict or make the President answer or appear for anything because the President’s job is to run the country and can only be impeached or charged by Congress. If the Constitution hadn’t of done this the opposition could continually disrupt the job of the President from getting anything done like the media is helping the democrats disrupt President Trump’s job of running the country right now. And the Constitution says you have a right to not testify even when a judge says you must. No, you don’t have to implicate yourself or indict yourself. The Constitution is all about protecting citizens rights and keeping gov’t from not protecting citizens rights and Presidents are citizens. Just because you say if he has nothing to hide doesn’t mean he or you have to or should testify just because the demand is there by people against you. You are presumed innocent until proven guilty by a jury of your peers unlike in other countries you are presumed guilty and have to prove yourself innocent. Just because you say well if you are innocent you should testify doesn’t mean your bullying technique says if he doesn’t testify he’s guilty. Nobody has to do anything without a grand jury involved and even than if you choose to your don’t have to testify just because you say so. The media and his opponents will just use his testimony against him by twisting anything he says.

      • Frank W Brown

        Go get some education about our country, and until you do, STFU with your total IGNORANCE assw*pe!

    • Concerned

      I think Sessions is going to be history after all of this investigation. When Sessions offered to resign Trump should have taken him up on it. I don’t think he is the right person for the job because he looks more like one of Santa’s helpers than an AJ. If you remember he was once a senator so I consider him part of the swamp. Bye Bye Sessions, soon I hope.

      • Frank W Brown

        Yep, sessions is as useless as teats on a boar, fire his ass, NOW would be good!

  • big KAhuna

    The entire foundation to investigate our POTUS was corrupted from the start ( Fake dossier) . Any continuation of this flawed investigation is an act of conspiracy/Treason/ Sedition. Any further investigation of our POTUS must cease immediately- Mueller must be terminated ( been compromised , is impartial, and colluded with those breaking or manipulating our laws). Most poles show that most americans are opposed to this Witch Hunt and expected it to end weeks ago. All involved in these illegal acts must be indicted ( New Grand Jury Indictments with a new special prosecutor= how about Nunes or Gowdy or Christie). Those in Congress behind these actions must also be indicted ( part of the Sorros conspiracy). The Last time the Democrats were dividing our nation, Lincoln had to declare martial law, arrest thousands of Democratic politicians, and shut down over 300+ Democratic newspapers. I’m sure that what’s happening today in our country through the corrupt actions of a failed Democratic Party more than qualifies our POTUS to follow the actions of Lincoln in order to restore the rule of law and prevent fake news from operating and obstructing justice and following our constitution. The deep state must go down through these actions and a must to restore power back to the people.

  • CCblogging

    President Trump shouldn’t give that Deep State snake the time of day.

  • Yeah Trump should tell Mueller to kiss his ass.

  • Jean Givens

    Mueller should have never been let to “investigate” in the first place. It’s obvious that he has but one agenda. Get Trump out of the Presidency. He should be fired immediately.

  • ernst

    Mueller has gone beyond his mandate in indicting anyone possible, even indictments that obviously have nothing to do with possible Russian collusion in the election. There seems no evidence of any crime related to the election, except for Hillary Clinton campaign finance violations.

  • madmemere

    AG Sessions needs to do his OWN JOB and fire both “rosey posey” and the “mule”.

  • Original Anna

    Mueller legally can’t make President Trump testify even with a subpoena because only Congress can investigate and bring any charges against the President. Mueller in reality works for the President due to Rosenstein picking Mueller because Rosenstein works for the President. The Constitution made this having to be a serious impeachment charge from Congress so that the President doesn’t have to be distracted from running the country. The Constitution made the country come first. It was Congress impeaching Obama not a special investigation by someone like Mueller in charge of the investigation. Impeachment is why the democrats want so badly to win the elections in November so they can merrily impeach President Trump to literally keep him from running the country.

  • Bobby

    Exercise Executive Authority and Fire the Atty Gen and when there is a Replacement – let the New Atty Gen Fire Mueller n Rosenstein and whoever else leftover but clean and PURGE THE UPPER ECHELONS OF THE SWAMP