Chick-fil-A Sends Boat To Rescue Elderly Couple

No one, but No One, does service like Chick-fil-A.

Houston native J.C. Spencer, 78, who realized his home was going to be submerged by Hurricane Harvey, decided he would appeal to the good folks at his local Chick-fil-A, where he and his wife regularly eat, to help rescue him and his wife Karen with an usual order.

Two grilled chicken burritos, with extra egg, and a boat.

The manager there called her husband, who has a boat. When the boat showed up, it only had room for some of the Spencers’ possessions. Karen said, “The boat couldn’t get into the house and there were these two wonderful men who came up on the Jet Ski.”

After the two Jet Skis arrived, J.C. climbed aboard one, his wife got in the other, and off they went, with their possessions in the boat from Chick-fil-A.

Karen Spencer said she had various thoughts: “oh well, here we go!,” “happy to be alive” and “I can’t believe I’m leaving my flooded house in a Jet Ski.”

The Spencers later met their Jet-Ski heroes: Keith Christensen and Winston Savice, Jr. J.C. told Savice, “Thank you. You’re a hero,” as they hugged. Savice replied, “No problem, someone had to do it. I’m glad to see you guys are safe.”

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