Pro-Veterans Are Going to Stop Obama’s VA from Spending LAVISH Money on THIS

Two separate veterans groups have joined in the effort to halt VA spending on art for VA hospitals until there’s stronger financial accountability in the troubled agency.

According to a news release from U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan, R-Fla.,, Concerned Veterans for America and Veterans for Common Sense are rallying behind the call for “an immediate freeze on all artwork purchases made by the VA.” Dan Caldwell, vice president of policy and communications at Concerned Veterans for America, said in the release:

“While veterans nationwide are struggling to receive basic health care, the VA is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on sculptures. The VA’s flawed priorities are actively hurting our veterans — on the backs of American taxpayers.”

President Barack Obama’s Veteran’s Affairs is prioritizing artwork over the care of veterans.
Advocates are incensed.

“There are much more pressing needs and systemic problems at VA facilities around the country that need to be addressed before the VA spends millions of taxpayer dollars on lavish new artwork, including fixing VA’s suicide hotline so it can always provide immediate assistance,”

said director for Veterans for Common Sense, Anthony Hardie.

The VA’s suicide hotline needs to be fixed, but hey, it’s all about the aesthetic.

As controversy continues about the deplorable state of the entire Veteran’s Affairs organization, common-sense adjustments to the system may not actually prove enough to appropriately serve those who have given us their all.
However, this may be a start.

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