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$29 Million of Your Tax Dollars are on Their Way to Charleston – You Won’t Believe Who Obama is Writing Checks to Now

If you starting thinking that all the anti-gun rhetoric was just the beginning of how liberals would use the Charleston shooting, then you guessed right. As it turns out, they plan to start doling out cash to victims’ families through social welfare too. According to Yahoo News, Obama and the Department of Justice are planning

Jihadist Pleads Insanity – But What He Did is Unspeakable

In an undeniable trend toward senseless violence perpetrated by new Muslim converts, a 25-year-old man in the United Kingdom named Nicholas Salvador went on a gruesome rampage beheading a defenseless 82-year-old great grandmother while she peacefully worked in her private garden. And what is this newly minted Islamist’s defense? He’s pleading insanity. The UK Daily

Lady Gaga Tries to Celebrate Chicago’s Pride Festival – There’s Just One Problem

Lady Gaga Tries to Celebrate Chicago’s Pride Festival – There’s Just One Problem After the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage, impromptu pride festivals starting popping up across the country on the following weekend. And like any attention hungry pop star, Lady Gaga wanted to voice her support of the trend. So when she saw

Watch Young Voters Respond to One Fact on Hillary to Restore Your Faith in the Next Generation

As institutions of higher education work to indoctrinate our young people with liberal ideology, it’s hard sometimes to feel confident about the next generation of voters. After all, if all these new voters hear is one sided liberalism, do they ever have a chance of understanding the truth? Well, things might not be as bad

Two Masked Thieves Attack Delivery Driver – But He Was Carrying More Than Pizza

On June 24, a Hollywood, Florida delivery driver found himself in a situation not uncommon for drivers that accept tips: two thieves approached him and demanded he hand over his cash. Thankfully, the driver wasn’t in compliance of Domino’s company-wide policy that prohibits drivers from being armed for self-defense. He opened fire with a pistol,

Black Panther Leader Stops in Charleston – His Order to Black Americans Will Stun You

It seems that all it takes is one racially charged act of violence for all of the crazies to come out of the woodwork. Malik Sulu Shabazz, former New Black Panther Party Chairman, came to Charleston, South Carolina to speak after the horrible June shooting. But what he had to say outdoes any kind of