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Watch Hilary Supporters Flounder After Accidentally Agreeing to Trump’s Tax Plan

Hilary supporters aren’t the brightest. That’s probably not a huge surprise. However, the latest insight into their incompetence even has liberals shaking their heads. After Donald Trump released his tax plan, Jimmy Kimmel and his crew decided it would be funny to take the plan, read it to Hilary supporters, and gauge their reaction. What

Sit Down for This Now: Ex-Obamacare Head to Lead Healthcare Lobby

Get ready, cause the aftershocks of Obamacare are just beginning. If you haven’t figured it out already, the “Affordable Care Act” was created as nothing more than a vehicle for the U.S. Government to gang up with the biggest healthcare giants in the country to guarantee absolute poverty and servitude of the American people. As

Try to Guess Who’s Stopping This Teacher From Supporting Pro-Life & Pro-Gun Groups

Something preposterous is happening in Pennsylvania to a public school teacher who wants to live her values by donating to pro-life and pro-gun groups. Linda Misja who works as a language instructor at Spring Church, Pennsylvania’s Apollo-Ridge High School is facing off with union officials from the Pennsylvania State Education Association who want to stop

Two Pride Marchers Spit on Priest – His Response is Astonishing

Well-known Bronx priest and occasional Fox News commentator Fr. Jonathan Morrisson had a sobering experience as he walked down the street on Sunday, June 28 – just two days after the Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage. As he strolled through the streets surrounding Broadway and 22nd in Manhattan, he crossed paths with a fervent

Illegal Alien Caught Red Handed on Child Porn – Your Jaw Will Hit the Floor When You Hear What He Asks the Judge

A 19-year-old illegal immigrant named Christian Alexander Magana of Hagerstown Maryland has been charged with six counts of production and distribution of child pornography. Another seedy character caught doing what comes naturally, no surprise there. But it’s what Magana said at his court hearing that will blow your mind. According to Arthur Rozes, the Assistant

You’ll Never Guess How Troops Are Being Forced to Live With Sharia During Ramadan

Here’s a puzzler for you: If we’re in the middle east to defeat radical Islam, why would our own military comply with its traditions? Well, that’s exactly what happened over the previous Ramadan. US troops were forced to comply with Sharia Law by obeying Ramadan eating restrictions while on deployment. Jeryl Bier at the Weekly