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Social Security Changes Affect 32 Million Seniors Over 55 – Are You One of Them?

Critical Social Security Deadline Coming Up on April 30   You may have heard about the Congressional budget bill signed into law by President Obama at the beginning of November.   As with most of these bills, there’s a lot of stuff buried in the fine print.   One passage could have a critical impact

Obama’s “Kingly” Vacation Expenses Finally Revealed

The public loves to hear about how presidents spend their free time. From pets and hobbies to trips and vacations, the president is always in the public eye. George Bush and Lyndon Johnson liked to retreat to their ranches in Texas, and Camp David is a classic presidential hideaway. But where does Obama go when

Viral Socialist Meme Gets Embarrassing Truth-Bomb Smackdown

If you’ve spent any time on Facebook or Twitter over the past few days, you’ve probably seen a popular new meme about the Powerball jackpot that’s been floating around the internet. The meme claims that if the jackpot were evenly distributed between every American (populist rhetoric, anyone?) the “poverty crisis” would be solved for good.

Liberals REALLY Want Bill Clinton To BATTLE With Donald Trump!!

In a really interesting interview on CNN, Democrats and liberals seem to be saying that they actually WANT Donald Trump to keep pressing the Clintons on the sexual harassment charges made against Bill Clinton! Watch below: Either they are delusional or they don’t understand just what it is that Donald Trump is threatening. If he

Lazy Panhandlers Turn Their Noses at Job Offer – Conservatives Everywhere Are Cheering Over What Happened Next

In this day and age, it seems like practically everybody is looking for some kind of handout. Nobody wants to work hard anymore. Liberal culture is teaching soft-headed Americans to sit on their rears and wait for a check from Uncle Sam. And what do they do when their free money from the government just

MUST WATCH Viral Video Shows What Happens When A ‘Socially Conscious’ Liberal Is Forced To Face Reality!!

In this really remarkable video from Fox Business, Neil Cavuto very calmly slowly dismantles a liberal student’s ridiculous notions about making the rich pay for all the free crap she wants government to give her and her lazy friends. Watch below: The video has gone viral with more than four million views in less than