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Sen. Cruz Again Champions Congressional Term Limits

For the second time, Senator Ted Cruz along with Representative Francis Rooney have made a proposal to amend the Constitution in favor of setting term limits on members of Congress.

Will The GOP Exist After Trump

Former spokesman for Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-TX), Rick Tyler talked on MSNBC’s “Live” and announced that the Republican Party will fall for supporting President Trump.

The Fed is Scrambling to Prepare for Next Recession

With the next recession on the horizon, the Fed is scrambling to prepare the economy. But the strategy they’re considering will take us into uncertain territory… Peter Reagan, January 25, 2018 Before the next severe downturn comes, the Fed recognizes they need to get ready. But with interest rates near 0% today, they won’t be

Iraqis Build Giant Christmas Tree to Celebrate Victory over ISIS

As a massive victory celebration, the people of Baghdad recently raised a 30-foot-tall Christmas tree in response to ISIS coming to it’s end in power  and terror.

Trump Announces Timeline for Tax Reform

President Donald Trump has announced his desired timeline for the passage of tax reform legislation, indicating that it could come act as a gift to Americans just in time for holiday festivities.

The New Proposed Tax on Your Savings

Always hunting for more money, Congress may soon ransack 401(k) benefits. Here’s what they’ve been scheming, and what it means for your retirement… Peter Reagan, June 24, 2017 Over half of Americans have a retirement plan through their employer, such as a 401(k). The incentive to use these plans has always been the annual tax