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Cop disciplined after ‘mis-gendering’ trans person

One Fort Lauderdale police officer is facing disciplinary action after he “mis-gendered” a transgender person on a reckless driving ticket issued in late January.

Acosta Busted for Fake News

CNN’s Jim Acosta accused President Donald Trump of “fake news” on Thursday for claiming that “three of four” intelligence agencies had identified Russia as the culprit in hacking during the 2016 presidential election — but the president was right, and Acosta was wrong.

Qatar Bans Wonder Woman

In a disappointing, but not at all shocking, turn of events, Qatar has decided to ban DC’s Wonder Woman film because it features outspoken Israeli actress, Gal Gadot.

Democratic Party More Bankrupt Than Ever

The Democrats’ comprehensive meltdown after their fifth straight election loss is a spectacle worth savoring. They’re vacillating between denial and self-flagellation, between consuming depression and delusional optimism. Some are even blaming hacking for the loss.

Russians Visited Obama 22 Times

Prior to the testimony given by Attorney General Jeff Sessions before the Senate Intelligence Committee this week, there was a lot of chatter about his third undisclosed meeting with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Depending on whom you read, like the LA Times or the Associated Press, Sessions denied the third meeting, while NBC News says the attorney general

Mueller is being used to impeach Trump

Thursday, Conservative Review Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin was back on the radio. In hour two of his program, Levin gave some thoughts on the revelation that special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating President Trump and claims that the president obstructed justice.