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Ex-CIA Director Appauled At Nunes’ Memo Involvement

Former CIA Director John Brennan has stated that Devin Nunes’ hand in the FISA Memo was a gross abuse of his Chairmanship.

Senator Says Trump’s Actions Leading to Armageddon

Ken Starr, the same man who investigated Bill Clinton, was just interviewed on ABC’s “This Week,” where he discussed the report about Trump’s desire to fire special counsel Robert Mueller. Starr said it would not have been only an obstruction of justice, but rather, “Armageddon.”

Senator Accusing Trump Of Breaking The American Promise

Elizabeth Warren went on CNN and stated President Trump “broke America’s promise” to people who received benefits from the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

Nikki Haley Stands Up For Oppressed Iranians

Nikki Haley, our American ambassador to the UN just released a statement on the recent and disturbing unrest in Iran. Her statement showed support to the “brave people of Iran.”

Travel Privileges Approved for Russian Putin Critic

The Department of Homeland Security says a critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin can travel to the United States following outcry over the revelation that his travel privileges had been revoked.

ICE Sends Brutal Reminder to Illegal Aliens

President Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election in part by promising to crack down on illegal immigration across the country. So far, Trump has followed through on that promise and it has irritated liberals to no end.