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Obama’s EPA Get’s Schooled on Twitter – Maybe This Will Restore Your Faith in Public Sanity

If you rack your brain and think back to your elementary school biology classes, you’ll likely remember that plants need sunlight to survive because of a little thing called photosynthesis. Unfortunately, it looks like the clowns over at Obama’s EPA weren’t as privileged to learn this simple lesson, since they issued this tweet on Sept.

Godless “Activist” Wants Memorial Gone From Base…His Suggested Replacement is Inconceivable

In the ever-growing battle against America’s Christian heritage, an asinine attack has been made toward a Marine base in Hawaii that began displaying a sign saying “God bless the military” after 9/11. Mikey Weinstein is president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, and his crew is claiming that the sign is disparaging to military members

Mark Levin DESTROYS Liberals Who MISUSE The ‘Separation of Church And State’ To BASH Christians!!

Mark Levin really is one of the more intelligent and insightful conservatives, and when he takes on an issue he absolutely bulldozes the left. In this part of an interview from the Value Voters Summit, he takes on and completely crushes the “Separation of Church and State” as a policy used against Christian freedom of

This Scandal Might Be Obama’s BIGGEST And No ONE Is Talking About It!

Steven Hayes is a great contributor at Fox News and he outlines what he believes will become the biggest of Obama’s scandals, and hardly anyone is talking about it. Watch below: More from the New York Post: The top US military commander for the Middle East vowed Wednesday to take “appropriate action” if an investigation

Hillary Refusing To Answer Reporter’s Question Made Her A Laughingstock This Week

In one of the more embarrassing and least persuasive political presser ever, Hillary Clinton tried to evade and ignore a tenacious Fox News reporter who demanded to know if she had wiped clean her private email servers. Her responses are laughably stupid. Watch below: This is THE scandal of Hillary’s campaign, and it’s causing more

Muslim Tries to Start Public Islamic Prayer at County Meeting – This Commissioner’s Response Shut Him Up Fast

A board meeting in Lincoln County, NC went south when a Muslim attendee tried to take advantage of the recent Supreme Court ruling allowing prayers of any religion to be offered up at the beginning of any public meeting. But commissioner Carrol Mitchem decided to hold true to his promise to deny anybody outside the