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Jeb Bush Stupidly Insulted Ted Cruz – His Response is Perfect

I’m not sure what Jeb Bush was thinking when he stupidly called Ted Cruz an “anchor baby,” but not only was he wrong, he made himself look like a silly ass, and gave Cruz the opportunity to strike back with his own missive. From Politico: Texas Sen. Ted Cruz on Friday fired back at Jeb

Trump Steps “Totally Out of Line” in His Latest Attack on Fox News

It’s no big secret that Donald Trump isn’t fond of Fox News. Over the course of his campaign, he’s taken several shots at the network and its correspondents. But his latest statement against Fox News is causing more of a ruckus than any of the rest. After the first Republican debate, Trump made some extremely

Gawker Tries Rattling Trump – But What He Does Makes Their Trick Backfire COMPLETELY

Earlier this month, popular online media outlet Gawker tried to get under Donald Trump’s skin by publicly publishing his personal cell number. But Trump took the whole thing in stride, and sent out this tweet to his over 3 million followers on Twitter: Thank you @gawker! Call me on my cellphone 917.756.8000 and listen to

Read Chris Christie’s Asinine Blunder on CO Pot Law

At a town hall meeting in Newport, New Hampshire, Chris Christie made a bold statement to the four U.S. states so far to legalize the recreational use of cannabis. Despite the states’ rights to govern themselves in respect to the issue, Christie wants to impose his purely opinion based, draconian policy should he (God forbid)