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Trump triggers flood of Dem candidates

For better and for worse, crowded House primaries are becoming a familiar sight on the Democratic side.

Trump Congratulates Karen Handel

President Donald Trump congratulated Republican candidate Karen Handel for winning her Congressional election in Georgia on Tuesday.

Karen Handel: ‘I Intend to Have the Last Laugh’

Republican congressional candidate Karen Handel told Breitbart News on Monday morning that she intends to overcome Nancy Pelosi’s Democrats, and liberal media bias, by winning the special election for Georgia’s 6th congressional district on Tuesday.

Cruz: Some of the Trump Damage Is ‘Self Inflicted’

Friday at the Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce in Irving, TX, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said some President Donald Trump political problems were “self-inflicted.”

Levin: Trump Is ‘Turning Into Obama 2.0’

On his radio show Monday, conservative pundit and constitutional lawyer Mark Levin expressed “great frustration” at signals from the White House that President Trump is abandoning his promise to move the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. “This is turning into Obama 2.0,” said Levin.

Yates for Georgia governor?

Sally Yates is out of a job in the federal government and these can be tough times for job seekers anywhere. After her recent appearances you might expect her to show up with a gig on MSNBC as a political analyst, but perhaps her time in public service isn’t quite over yet. According to reporting