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Dem Rep. Spews Blatant Lies On AR-15 – But This Journalist’s Response Is Putting Him In a Tough Spot

New discussion about access to semi-automatic rifles is taking place after another tragic shooting in Orlando, Florida. Specifically, a democratic representative Alan Grayson made a wild claim about AR-15 rifles that has him in hot water with gun rights activists. Grayson said in an interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett that the AR-15 is capable of

BREAKING: New Global Warming Study Released – Liberals Scrambling to Keep Their Story Straight

For years now liberals have been decrying the onset of man-made global warming. They say that the science is water tight, and they expect average Americans to radically change their lifestyles in order to accommodate their oppressive green agenda. Given their way, it would be against the law to skip recycling, and it’d be a

Name of New State Law to Protect Cops Has BLM “Activists” Fuming – But It’s the Most Satisfying Thing You’ll See All Day

The majority of Black Lives Matter activists hate police officers. They’re recoiling to the isolated instances of police violence and generalizing about law enforcement at large. Instead of recognizing the fact that most police officers are honest people with integrity who work hard to keep them safe, they’re treating them as if they all deserve

See Why Princeton Prof’s Truth Bomb on Transgenderism Has Liberals Grinding Their Teeth

We’ve been told about transgenderism again and again, these people are “born with it,” and they can’t help it if they happen to be unlucky enough to end up as a male or female psyche trapped in a mismatched body. And since they were born that way, we have no right to question them! It’s

See Why This Evangelist’s Verbal Lashing of Obama is Going Viral

Barack Obama just issued a letter about the LGBT bathroom agenda to all of America’s public schools, and it represents the insanity of today’s world perfectly. What right does he have to dictate how access to public bathrooms is controlled? Till now, this wasn’t even an issue up for discussion, but now liberals have used

Facebook Mole Unveils Secret Policy Every Conservative Should Know About

This probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise, but big, hip tech companies almost universally dislike conservatives. It’s in their blood. By nature, these companies are bred off the modern liberal philosophy, and they view conservatives as their natural born enemies. The scary part is that companies like this all but rule our lives.