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Trump BLASTS Hillary On Benghazi with THIS New Video Attack Ad Featuring President Obama

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been using Hillary Clinton’s own words against her. But now he has brought in another Democrat to do the same: President Barack Obama. In the latest ad that he released on social media, Obama can be heard talking about Clinton’s infamous ‘3 a.m phone call’ commercial in 2008, explaining

Marcus Lutrell Disregards Teleprompter at RNC, Angers GOP Elite with THIS Announcement

The Republican National Convention began with full swing on Monday with lots of excitement. The last attempt by the “Never Trump” crowd to stop him failed badly. The speakers during the prime time were epic! One of the speakers was the Former Navy SEAL, Marcus Luttrell who inspired the book and film called “Lone Survivor”.

With ONE Image, Sean Hannity Shuts Up All Melania Trump Haters

The liberal whiners complaining about Melania Trump having plagiarized her Republican National Convention Speech from first lady, Michelle Obama will definitely want to see the meme posted by Sean Hannity on his Facebook account. The meme notes that President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Democrat front-runny Hillary Clinton have ALL plagiarized

Trump Walks In a Room Full of Arrogant Senators, Comes Out Triumphant

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was at Capitol Hill to meet with GOP lawmakers in a bid to strengthen support for his campaign and party unity. However, many senators did not see eye to eye with him and some words were exchanged during the tense closed-door meeting according to The Washington Post. One

Friend of FBI Director Bravely Tells the World WHAT He Did for Hillary Clinton

The FBI Director James Comey might have excoriated the former NY Senator, Hillary Clinton for her careless use of a personal email server, but he still announced the intention of the FBI to recommend the Department of Justice to not press charges against her! Comey is a figure respected by both Democrats and republicans alike,

You Have to See What Edward Snowden Posted after Comey’s “No Charges for Hillary” Shocker

The former CIA employee Edward Snowden responded quite aptly to FBI Director, James Comey’s announcement about not recommending charges against Hillary Clinton, in a single tweet. Snowden, who fled to Russia back in 2012 after revealing the NSA’s wiretapping of all American citizens, wrote the tweet shortly after Comey made the announcement. It features a