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Trump ‘Threatens Mental Health of Young Californians’

President-elect Donald Trump is causing mental health problems for young people in California. That’s according to claims by “advocates, educators and mental health providers” who say Californian youth are troubled by Trump’s policies towards illegal immigration, and that they feel targeted by “hate crimes” attributed — rightly or wrongly — to Trump’s supporters.

Islamic Delta Hoaxer Defended Boston Bomber Tsarnev

YouTube star, Adam Saleh who is known for his various Muslim pranks is now calling for a boycott on Delta Airlines after they removed him from a flight. He has many YouTube videos on his channel where he does various ‘experiments’ like ‘Arabs on a plane’, ‘Counting down in Arabic on a plane experiment’ and

MTV Suggests New Year’s Resolutions for ‘White Guys’

Just in time for the holiday season, MTV News has issued a series of New Year’s resolutions exclusively for white males — because, the network says, white guys could “do a little better in 2017.”

John Kasich’s name floated by rogue electors

Want to know what’s happening in Ohio government and politics from Columbus to Washington, D.C.? The Columbus Dispatch has you covered. John Kasich as an alternative? Deep in this Politico story by Kyle Cheney and Gabriel Debenedetti on how some electors are trying to get others to go rogue and cast a vote for someone

Here’s How Republicans Can Repeal and Replace Obamacare

One of the unambiguous promises Republicans made to voters is that if elected, they will repeal and replace Obamacare. They are right to have done so. The law is enduringly unpopular, is harming more people than it’s helping, is raising costs even for consumers mostly insulated from the dysfunctional Obamacare market, and is generally collapsing

Wikileaks Founder Drops a BOMB on Hillary, Leaves Liberals in Panic

The Democrat Party is all confused and in turmoil over the past few days after Wikileaks published almost 20,000 emails showing the Democrat National Committee tried to rig the primary in presumed nominee Hillary Clinton’s favor! Hundreds of protests have drawn people outside the Democrat National Convention in Philadelphia and Clinton’s name has been booed