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Godless “Activist” Wants Memorial Gone From Base…His Suggested Replacement is Inconceivable

In the ever-growing battle against America’s Christian heritage, an asinine attack has been made toward a Marine base in Hawaii that began displaying a sign saying “God bless the military” after 9/11. Mikey Weinstein is president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, and his crew is claiming that the sign is disparaging to military members

Nancy Pelosi MELTS DOWN Over THIS Simple Question About Abortion!

It’s pretty remarkable that pro-abortion advocates still seem pretty ashamed of their positions, especially when challenged on the intellectual vapidity of the basis of their beliefs. But you can always count on Nancy Pelosi to be as shameless as possible when confronted with one of the more obvious contradictions of her pro-death beliefs. Watch below:

Watch Charles Cooke SHUT DOWN Gun Grabbing Liberals With ONE QUESTION!

National Review’s Charles Cooke dismantled liberals who support Obama’s call to do something, anything at all, about the mass shootings we have in this country, by simply asking one question. They get pretty angry about it. Watch below: Cooke really gets to the heart of the matter by just simply asking what solutions the liberals

Mark Levin DESTROYS Liberals Who MISUSE The ‘Separation of Church And State’ To BASH Christians!!

Mark Levin really is one of the more intelligent and insightful conservatives, and when he takes on an issue he absolutely bulldozes the left. In this part of an interview from the Value Voters Summit, he takes on and completely crushes the “Separation of Church and State” as a policy used against Christian freedom of

Liberals Are OUTRAGED At Ben Carson For Saying What MANY Americans Think About Muslims!

Ben Carson was assailed by Chuck Todd and made to answer for what Trump DIDN’T say when a supporter claimed that Obama was a Muslim, but his response as so politically incorrect that it’s causing a stir on its own! Watch below: What a terrible evil opinion!! How dare he think such a thing!! Oh

This AWESOME Video Takes An New Angle On An Old Issue

You may not even notice until the end of this great video ad who might be putting out this great message. Watch below: Conservative Dana Loesch is the perfect woman to take on the gun control issue from the angle of a mother who simple wants to protect her family from whatever threat they may