California Democrat Says One Of The STUPIDEST Things Ever About Guns After Terrorist Shooting!

California is well known for the crazy commie liberals that infect the government, but even Californians were surprised that their idiotic U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer came out and made one of the stupidest statements ever made on God’s green Earth.

Watch below:

In case you missed it, she actually said that the gun laws in California were “working” – and she said this about 24 hours after the worst terrorist attack in American history since 9/11.

Just incredible.

I have to say if your gun laws are “working” by allowing a terrorist to slaughter 14 people, I don’t think it’s such a ringing endorsement for your gun laws, but for some insane reason, Babs Boxer thinks it is.

But terrorism and gun control are the two things that make Democrats depart from reality and take a permanent vacation.

We hope Babs comes back to Earth eventually.