Breaking Footage Shows “Peaceful” Muslim Doing the Unspeakable at Brussels Memorial

Liberals would have you believe that the majority of muslims are really just peaceful, gentle human beings who want to practice their religion like everybody else. After all, it’s not fair to judge an entire group based on an isolated pocket of extremists, right?

Well, it wouldn’t be fair if it weren’t true, and evidence is continuing to emerge that proves the idea of a “peaceful muslim majority” to be nothing more than a fairytale.

Take this recently uncovered footage of a seemingly harmless muslim woman dressed in hijab roaming the Brussels Memorial. She paces around the memorial when she finds a pile of flags, then she proceeds to do something nobody saw coming.

She digs through the flags till she finds an Israeli one, then she tears it to shreds and buries it beneath the others.

If you don’t believe it, watch the footage for yourself:

How’s that for peace-loving and neutral?

To any objective observer, the more likely truth about the muslim community is that there’s a peaceful minority and a dangerous, malicious majority.

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