BREAKING: Angelina Jolie Speaks Against Obama Leadership

3The Hollywood actress and human rights advocate had some brutal words to say at UK’s .K.’s House of Lords recently. According to The Gateway Pundit reports, She said that the Islamic State group (ISIS) uses sexual violence to propagate terrorism, and that a strong leadership is needed to combat this situation.

Do we have that kind of leadership? Not at the moment, not under President Obama. And that’s exactly what Jolie’s speech provoked people to ponder upon: Obama’s weak leadership which has enabled the ISIS to grow stronger every day, promoting rape and violence at the drop of a hat.

“They are dictating it as policy beyond what we have seen before,” Jolie explained. “They are saying, ‘We should do this, this is the right way to build a society, so we tell you to rape.’”

The ISIS concept of society is not based on welfare of citizens, education of children, or the provision of food and shelter. Instead what they believe in is violence, killing, humiliating, raping and enslaving and dishonoring the human life. Such a thing should have been nipped in the bud. But thanks to Obama, these militants continue to thrive.

“The most aggressive terrorist group in the world today knows what we know, knows that it is a very effective weapon and they are using it as a centrepoint of their terror and their way of destroying communities and families, and attacking and dehumanising,” Jolie said.

Talking about rape victims, Jolie said,

“For over 10 years, I had been visiting the field and meeting families and survivors of sexual violence who felt for so long that their voices simply didn’t mater, they weren’t heard, and they carried a great shame,”

Here’s more on what she said about victims of sexual violence:

She added that we require “a very, very strong response at this time” to combat the barbarism perpetuated by these militants.

Anjelina Jolie has been campaigning for sexual abuse victims in the Middle East for over a decade now. With that experience, she definitely knows what she’s talking about. Obama should probably pay some heed to what Jolie has to say, and to put it into action although we shouldn’t get too optimistic about it.

Do you agree with Jolie on needing a strong leadership to end this savagery? Do you think it’s time for a change in our leadership because our current heads and their policies are so meak? Do let us know!

  • murielmcgrann

    ISIS males use rape to illustrate their dominance over women who have little other value to them and as a means to force their religious beliefs on others so they will submit to their every demand including violent and cruel death of even ckildren. Christianity and its beliefs are a direct challenge to the very existance of this radical evil belief of the ISIS and other similar Islamic fundamentalists. Thus the continued violence and death to Christian believers that continues as attempt to dicate their medi evil propaganda throught the Western world that even Obama hesitated and declined to directly oppose. Terrorism in its most radical forms continues to spread like a self rightous plague by the disgruntal individuals of society who feel justified in committing murder and multiple slaughtering of the innocent of our society.Liberal Progressive Communistic philosophies tend to defend one sided opinions and therefore end promoting action against deverse opinions grounded in the current education system here.Our Founding Fathers gave us a Christian philosophy to follow in their dictates to a right to liberty feedom and the right to pursue happiness which government legislation has either cancelled or attempted to disreguard the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Christian ethics to the detriment this country now faces each day………What will our American Government do?Join the ???? …….Make America Great Again or follow the dictator Obama and the DNC hostile anti Trump campaign ?????