Black Man Sees Rebel Flag on Truck and Approaches Owner – Nobody Would’ve Predicted What Happened Next

Controversy around the confederate flag has spread like wildfire after the shootings in Charleston, South Carolina. But one simple interaction between a proud southerner and a tolerant person of color is setting an example for others around the country.

Willie McPherson was nervous, to say the least, when a black man approached his parked truck that was flying a large confederate flag. But when the man reached McPherson he requested to stand and take a photo to show that the flag isn’t a symbol of hate and racial injustice, but one of history and heritage.
After the photo was taken, the man asked McPherson to spread it via social media to get the word out that the flag isn’t about hate. It’s been going viral ever since.
The Conservative Tribune reports:


Once the picture was taken (shown here), the black man asked McPherson to post it on social media and show the world that the flag was not about hate.

The photo immediately started going viral.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but a flag is simply a dyed piece of cloth. Individuals become very emotional about certain flags because of the meaning these people affix to that cloth.

Give this black man credit. He realized that we have the power to change our understanding of what a flag symbolizes.

If only more people had that viewpoint …

This exchange is a perfect example of the kind of discourse that can turn the tide of anger and frustration and transform it into tolerance and understanding. Tell us your thoughts in the comments.