Black Lives Matter Protestors’ Latest Demands – You Better Be Sitting Down

The Black Lives Matter movement is continuing to gain momentum, but its goals are becoming more absurd by the day. What began under the guise of peaceful protests for “justice” is becoming an all-out race war, and the most recent demands from Black Lives Matter activists in Chicago proves it.

Breanna Champion, co-chair of the Chicago’s Black Youth Project 100, appeared on MSNBC to dictate the movement’s ultimatum. According to her, they want the city’s police force to be totally defunded.

How removing law enforcement from one of the most dangerous cities in America would help black citizens remains to be seen, but that didn’t stop Champion from digging in her heels on national TV.

Watch what she said below:

Does she really mean it when she says the entire police force should be defunded? She had plenty of chances to specify if she simply believes in the need for reduced funding, but it sounds like she’s actually serious about the idea of totally defunding her city’s police force. Who in their right mind would support such an idea? Nobody!

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