Billy Joel wears yellow Star of David at concert

Musician Billy Joel wore a yellow Star of David during his concert at Madison Square Garden on Monday night in the wake of President Trump’s comments on the violence at a Charlottesville, Va., white supremacist rally.

The singer-songwriter didn’t address the symbol, which Nazis forced Jews to wear during the Holocaust, but wore them on the front and back of his blazer during the encore of his show, ABC reported.

The political move is a rare one for Joel, who told Rolling Stone last month that he tries to “stay out of politics.”
“I try not to get up on a soapbox and tell people how to think,” Joel told the magazine.

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  • josecuervo1223

    I’m not a Jew, but I don’t think Billy Joel has the right to wear that yellow star, not should be praised for cheapening the object with his political antics. He can’t possibly represent the pain the Jews went thru during the Holocaust.

    • SouthernMaster

      Since Joel is Jewish, I have absolutely no problem with it.

      • Albert Gazalooch

        His message was wrong! He was politicizing the Star of David badge as an anti-Trump message. Like most far left Liberal activists,he’s falsely accusing Trump of something he is clearly not!

      • brew_it

        His parents were non practicing jews and Joel was more involved with his catholic friends than his synagogue. Thats why he wrote all those songs about crosses, catholic girls, etc, because that was his life as a teen. He even attended Mass with them.

      • Aleph Knull

        Billy Joel isn’t Jewish. He says he is an atheist.

    • eileen

      as a Jew i thank you for your very insightful comment

  • bunky doodle

    what a jerk. no one hates racists more than trump. ask his black girl friend of 20 yrs ago that he dated for 2 years. this is all bs . billy joel is just wanting publicity. what a jerk. do some homework jerk

  • Albert Gazalooch

    I’d think most Orthodox Jews would despise this behavior. He’s capitalizing off the suffering of millions of Jews who lost their lives or survived the Holocaust.

    This is why Trump holds these rallies! The mainstream media and loudmouth Liberal activists continue to call him things he is not like anti-Semite, racist, white supremacist and a Neo-Nazi!

    When he said there were many “good people” among the protesters on both sides, he was referring to those who showed up to voice their opinions, for or against right or wrong, and got caught up in the violence. Like it or not, some “good people” have no idea what they’re getting involved with and get caught up in the mob mentality.

    Sorry Billy Joel…. you’re really wrong on this!

  • Dana

    ..he’s a washed up old singer that no one knows who he is now..young people don’t listen to his puke and a yellow star doesn’t change anything…for stating you don’t want to get politically involved…you should have left the star at home.

  • jjmcl431

    if he didn’t believe in getting political all these years why does he start now. he is just another liberal snowflake.

  • James

    As long as ‘conservative sites’ continue to follow the crowd, and call those white supremacists; neo-Nazis; and KKK alt-right, we are going to have these confused people clamoring against the true right!

  • Aleph Knull

    Billy Joel says he is an atheist. He has no business wearing any sort of religious symbols.

  • John F. Edwards

    If Joel did this to disrespect Trump then piss on him and I will never listen to another thing he does. What a damn hypocrite opportunist he turned out to be.

  • DrSique

    Yeah, Billy, you should keep staying out of politics. It only exposes your ignorance and, frankly, it hasn’t been very good for most of your entertainment colleagues.

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    This is just a cheap trick to please the leftists.
    Just a ridiculous attempt to take a swipe against our President!
    Just stay out of politics Billy!
    Why didn’t you speak out against the Muslim Obama?