Bernie Sanders CAUGHT RED-HANDED Being A HUGE Hypocrite!!

It’s really ridiculous how some Democrats have no clue when it comes to their personal life having any relation to their political policies – usually we call it hypocrisy when they don’t!!

Here’s a great example that few know about:

Just a couple months ago, Bernie Sanders lambasted Uber as an “unregulated” company with “serious problems,” but financial disclosures by the Democratic presidential candidate reveal that whenever his campaign requires a taxi, they literally always turn to Uber.

According to research done by National Journal, 100 percent of Sanders’ spending on taxi and ride-sharing services was spent on Uber. Among 2016 presidential contenders, that’s a distinction Sanders shares with only Bobby Jindal, Martin O’Malley, and the defunct Scott Walker and Rick Perry campaigns.

It also puts him way ahead of Hillary Clinton, who only had 41 percent of her taxi costs go to Uber. Only Clinton and Mike Huckabee spent more than half of their taxi spending on traditional taxis rather than modern ride-sharing apps.

Hilarious!! You would think that this would be a bigger story in the mainstream media, but they’d rather use their strength to go after Republicans instead!!

Why do Democrats get a free pass on their hypocrisy while Republicans get trashed unfairly by the media?

It’s almost like the mainstream media is in the pocket of the liberal left!!!