Bake Gay Wedding Cake And Like It – Or You’ll Get Threats Like This

Conservatives across the country are already outraged over the treatment of an Oregon bake shop that refused to bake a gay wedding cake, but now the same thing is happening to another baker in Texas.

But this time it’s even worse.

The married couple in Oregon just had to shell out $135,000 to settle the dispute and please the liberal fascists running their state. The family bake shop currently under attack in Texas, on the other hand, is getting gruesome threats against their children daily.

How’s that for a little love and acceptance?

According to The Blaze, anonymous callers have been harassing the family for weeks.

The latest threat was directed at the family’s 17-year-old son, and you won’t believe what it said.

Via The Blaze:

Two Texas bakers who are under fire after refusing to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple revealed that the most disturbing threat they’ve received so far came from an anonymous individual who threatened to burn their house down and physically harm their 17-year-old son.

“Our son got a call … where they threatened to burn our house down and violate him with a broken beer bottle,” baker Edie Delorme recently told TheBlaze. “That was probably the worst.”

Edie and her husband, David — the Christian owners of Kern’s Bake Shop in Longview, Texas — also have an 8-year-old daughter; their 19-year-old daughter was tragically killed last year in a car accident.

It’s more than a little hypocritical that the same people who decry conservatives for not being open minded, equality focused, and loving toward all would go so far as to threaten a family like this.

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