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See Why Princeton Prof’s Truth Bomb on Transgenderism Has Liberals Grinding Their Teeth

We’ve been told about transgenderism again and again, these people are “born with it,” and they can’t help it if they happen to be unlucky enough to end up as a male or female psyche trapped in a mismatched body. And since they were born that way, we have no right to question them! It’s

Bernie’s University President Wife Demonstrates What Free College REALLY Looks Like

Bernie Sanders is running on several populist socialist issues, one of which is the idea of free higher education. Sanders posits that free higher education would boost the middle class and do a whole host of other fantastical things, but he never seems to talk about how he wants to pay for it. That’s the

This Marine’s Open Letter Just Skewered Michelle Obama – See Why Liberals Are Livid

First ladies don’t typically make history. They tend to sit in the background for photo ops and work on harmless apolitical pet projects. Michelle Obama, on the other hand, has made history by doing some of the worst political damage of any first lady to ever grace the White House. Together, Michelle and Barack have

Wendy’s Stuns Min. Wage Protestors With Surprising Move – Now They’re Regretting Everything!

Low wage workers are protesting for higher minimum wage rates, but can’t seem to understand what the consequences of a higher minimum wage really are. While they’re busy forming picket lines, making cardboard signs, and fantasizing about a cushy $15/hour pay bump, their employers are moving swiftly to find easy ways to automate their jobs

See Why This Evangelist’s Verbal Lashing of Obama is Going Viral

Barack Obama just issued a letter about the LGBT bathroom agenda to all of America’s public schools, and it represents the insanity of today’s world perfectly. What right does he have to dictate how access to public bathrooms is controlled? Till now, this wasn’t even an issue up for discussion, but now liberals have used

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Unveils Her Plan to Sneak Bill Back Into the White House

Now that Hillary Clinton is about to clinch the Democratic nomination, people are starting to ask a very important question, “Where does Bill fit into all of this?” It’s a reasonable thing to wonder. Bill Clinton served two terms as president, so what are the chances of Hillary trying to usher him back into a