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Trump Gets Told There’s No Time for National Anthem – But His Response Sent the Crowd Into a Frenzy

It’s the responses to unscripted, candid encounters that show the true colors of a political candidate. When things don’t go as planned and they have to use their own judgement to forge a path forward, voters get to see what lies in their heart of hearts. And Donald Trump, of all people, aces this litmus

Name of New State Law to Protect Cops Has BLM “Activists” Fuming – But It’s the Most Satisfying Thing You’ll See All Day

The majority of Black Lives Matter activists hate police officers. They’re recoiling to the isolated instances of police violence and generalizing about law enforcement at large. Instead of recognizing the fact that most police officers are honest people with integrity who work hard to keep them safe, they’re treating them as if they all deserve

Trump Skewers Obama Over “Unusual” Press Conference Ritual – And It Raises A LOT of Questions

Now that Donald Trump is the Republican presidential nominee, he’s taking aim at Hillary and Obama to show voters what the liberal agenda really looks like. And he’s doing a fantastic job of it too. Most recently, Obama gave Trump the perfect chance to nail him for his ridiculous rhetoric. It happened during a press

Dems Lose It After 1 Hilarious Cartoon Contrasts Melania Trump and the “Real Michelle”

If you didn’t already think there was a double standard for political discourse in this country then this ought to convince you. Liberals take cheap shots at republicans all day long, and we call it comedy – even art – but when a conservative takes aim at a liberal… boy howdy, you better get ready

BREAKING: Why Trump’s Amazing New Donor Alliance Has Hillary Shaking in Her Boots

So far, the big achilles heel in Trump’s campaign has been his ability to collect campaign funds. He’s been totally self-funded, but that can only take him so far. And that’s why Hillary has been counting on Trump hitting a wall. If he runs out of money and has no donors, where’s he going to

BREAKING: Huckabee’s Blistering Rebuke of Anti-Trump Republicans

Now that Donald Trump is the presumptive republican nominee, there’s a lot of buzz about how his detesters should act moving forward. After all, they need to be ready to vote against Hillary in November, and if Trump is the reason they decide to stay home that could be a big problem. Consequently, Mike Huckabee