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The Sneaky Trick Nobody Knew About When They Used Facebook’s Gay Pride Pic Filter

If you spend any time on the internet at all, you likely have seen the rainbow filter made available by Facebook for users to show their support for gay marriage via their profile picture. Days after the ruling, the web exploded with pictures overlaid with this rainbow colored filter, but it turns out that it

Anti-Gun Group Sues Ammo Dealer – But You Won’t Believe How the Judge Put Them In Their Place

After the tragic Aurora, Colorado shooting of 2012, an anti-gun group took legal action against the ammo dealer that sold the shooter the weapons used to commit the crime. But when they got to court the tables turned awfully quickly. The Conservative Tribune tells the story: “A crazed, homicidal killer should not be able to

So Much for the “Peaceful” Muslim Majority – One Little Number Says it All

Are you still skeptical of the idea of a slow Islamic takeover on American soil? Well, this survey might help change your mind. According to a questionnaire distributed by Fox News to Muslims across the United States, there’s a growing sentiment that America should be governed by Sharia law. In fact, over half the Muslims

Walmart Says “No” to Confederate Flag Cake – But They Didn’t Mind Making This

When Louisiana resident Chuck Netzhammer was refused service at a local Walmart as a result of his request to purchase a custom confederate flag cake, it didn’t come as any big surprise – especially given the change in political climate that’s taken place over the last few weeks. But Netzhammer decided to put Walmart to