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BREAKING: New Global Warming Study Released – Liberals Scrambling to Keep Their Story Straight

For years now liberals have been decrying the onset of man-made global warming. They say that the science is water tight, and they expect average Americans to radically change their lifestyles in order to accommodate their oppressive green agenda. Given their way, it would be against the law to skip recycling, and it’d be a

24 Celebs Who Aren’t Afraid to Flaunt Their Trump Love – #22 Will Surprise You!

The rich and famous aren’t exactly known for their conservative tendencies, especially those who spend significant amounts of time in the public eye. Stars and celebrities seem to somehow always land on the left side of the aisle, no matter the issue. As a result, most conservatives assume automatically that anybody with notoriety must be

WATCH: Obama Asked by Fallon What Republicans Think of Trump – His Snide Response Will Have You Fuming

In a recent appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show,” Barack Obama was asked how he thinks Republicans feel about the presumptive nominee Donald Trump. Now, Obama could’ve taken this question in a lot of directions, but the one he chose was in especially poor taste. Instead of a reasonable evaluation of the party’s current

Wannabe Gangster Issues Trump Death Threat – But His Own Stupidity Brought Swift Justice

Trump is making a few enemies on his path to the White House, but one of them is making news now for death threats broadcast on social media. The Louisiana man who issued the threats took to Facebook and made several videos in which he flashed firearms and said he wanted to “go to war

Photographer Catches Bernie Doing This at Memorial Day Ceremony – Now Even Liberals Are Sickened By Him

Bernie Sanders is losing a lot of ground with democrats. He’s catching flack for his refusal to drop out of the race, and most liberals are starting to become disenchanted with his constant demagoguery. On top of all that, he was caught in a rather compromising position during a Memorial Day ceremony over the weekend.

SHOCKING: Surprise Visitor Spotted at Trump Rally – Why Is the Media Silent?

Donald Trump brings voters together. He unites them based on their common beliefs and interests. It’s why he’s so wildly popular. He has incredibly wide appeal. Liberals like to act like Trump attracts nobody other than conservatives, but the fact of the matter is that he’s garnering support from people all over the political spectrum.