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Obama Makes 1 Disgusting Prediction About Trump Presidency After Orlando Shooting

If there’s one thing Barack Obama is good at it’s spinning tragedy to support his own cause. He’s done it time and time again, and now he’s using the biggest shooting in American history to do it again. After the Orlando shooting, Americans were reeling. And Obama knew good and well that they would be

Can You Guess Which Direction Gun Stocks Went After the Orlando Shooting?

The American people are a savvy bunch. When a major event strikes they understand the implications of it and they act quickly to secure their interests, especially their Constitutional rights. Look no further than the recent Orlando shooting for proof. As the most violent shooting in recent history, it’s going to have a severe impact

Leftist Journalist’s Words After Firing AR-15 for the First Time Are Maddening

Despite the fact that the shooter who committed the horrendous tragedy in Orlando was using a Sig Sauer MCX carbine and not an AR-15, the AR-15 is now the main object of criticism for the liberal media. For years now liberals have been trying to find new ways to support their claims that the AR-15

Here’s What a Trump T-Shirt Gets You In This Popular Fast Food Joint – Will You Think Twice Before Going Back?

Discrimination is running rampant in this country. It’s not just limited to racial discrimination either. Even something as simple as a campaign t-shirt can get you some rough treatment. Take the experience these three young Trump supporters had in their favorite fast food joint for example. After a rally in Richmond, VA, the three women

Dem Rep. Spews Blatant Lies On AR-15 – But This Journalist’s Response Is Putting Him In a Tough Spot

New discussion about access to semi-automatic rifles is taking place after another tragic shooting in Orlando, Florida. Specifically, a democratic representative Alan Grayson made a wild claim about AR-15 rifles that has him in hot water with gun rights activists. Grayson said in an interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett that the AR-15 is capable of

Clinton Tries to Trick Working Class – But Her Outfit Gave Away a Crushingly Harsh Secret

Hillary Clinton knows how important low class voter are to her ability to snag the White House in November. She knows that she must somehow convince them that reality isn’t true, that she isn’t the mega rich, slippery-tongued politician that she really is. It’s tough to do when you’ve got millions upon millions sitting in