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This McDonald’s Christmas Store Ad Went VIRAL on Facebook!!

A woman’s Facebook post went viral because it showed a rarity in today’s society – a popular business prominently displayed their trust in Jesus Christ in public. Here’s the post: Basel was shocked that her post went viral, but it’s because so few business are willing to be as politically incorrect as actually proclaim trust

Donald Trump Left MSNBC Panel SPEECHLESS When He Answered THIS Question About Putin!!

In a pretty bewildering interaction between Morning Joe and Donald Trump, the GOP frontrunner shocked everyone when he was asked about whether he approves of Putin’s killing of journalists and assassinating of political opponents. This is a must watch video! El Trumpo pretty much equated what the United States does when we go to war

Something Stopped The San Bernardino Terror Attack From Being TERRIFYINGLY WORSE!

As more and more details come out of the San Bernardino terror attack in California, it really seems like it just keeps getting worse and worse. Now investigators say that the terrorist couple planned to kill many more people, but something mysterious stopped them. Watch below: Apparently they were going to use a tactic used

This Newly Discovered Email Is Hillary’s Benghazi SMOKING GUN!

Investigators think they might have finally found the “smoking gun” email that shows that Hillary lied to the American public and abandoned four Americans to the murderous whims of terrorists attacking our Benghazi embassy. From Fox News: As the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi was unfolding, a high-ranking Pentagon official urgently messaged Secretary of State

You Won’t BELIEVE What This INSANE Liberal Host Blames For Terrorism…

Once the details started coming out about the San Bernardino shooting that terrible day, most of us knew that it would be Muslim extremists. But the morons on MSNBC were still holding out that they could blame it on white Christian conservatives somehow, and that’s how Chris Matthews got to make this unbelievably stupid comment

Ted Cruz Forces The Media And Liberals To Face A VERY Inconvenient FACT About Crime!!

Ted Cruz has the foremost rhetorical and debate skills of this current GOP presidential crop, and he brought the pain to liberals and the media when he called them out on a very inconvenient fact about crime in America!! The comments came during a guest appearance on the Hugh Hewitt radio show: BOOM!! What Cruz