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Liberals REALLY Want Bill Clinton To BATTLE With Donald Trump!!

In a really interesting interview on CNN, Democrats and liberals seem to be saying that they actually WANT Donald Trump to keep pressing the Clintons on the sexual harassment charges made against Bill Clinton! Watch below: Either they are delusional or they don’t understand just what it is that Donald Trump is threatening. If he

CNN Anchor Makes The Most ABSURD Excuse For Bill Clinton’s Sexual Harassment!!

Thanks to Donald Trump threatening to make Bill Clinton’s past accusations as a sexual predator an issue in the 2016 elections, the media is having to talk about it and they’re doing their best to cover it up!! Here’s CNN anchor Deborah Feyerick using the most ridiculous euphemism to cover up the allegations: Many women

This High School Student Starts A ‘Social Justice’ Movement But Can’t Spell It Correctly!

If you want to know just how bad America has gotten with the social justice movement crap, just look at this High School girl in Oklahoma. Watch below: Even the stupid newscaster gets into the role when she tries on the t-shirt for the new “gender equality” movement. But the best part is this –

This Hollywood Star Just Said Something That Will ENRAGE Liberals About Guns!!

Apparently Kurt Russell is one of the few brave souls in Hollywood willing to not only be conservative, but also be outspoken about it!! And he did it about one of the more contentious issues that makes liberals’ heads explode – the 2nd Amendment. Here’s his interview with the Daily Mail  where he made his notorious comments:

Here’s The Hilarious Way Sarah Palin GOT BACK At A Comedian Who MOCKED Her!!

One of the more memorable ways in which the leftist media screwed over the Republicans in 2008 is when they stuck Sarah Palin with the quote she never said – “I can see Russia from my house!” Polls later showed that many Americans actually believed she said it, instead of it being a mocking quote

Newt Gingrich Says Trump Is Actually GOOD For The Republican Party!

The Nootster always tries to make observations that others are missing out on, and this analysis of how Donald Trump might actually be helping the Republican Party is no exception. Watch below: The Newt points out that Trump is bringing in a lot of non-traditional voters and others who wouldn’t normally care about politics. And