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WATCH Mark Levin EVISCERATE Jorge Ramos Over Trump Confrontation!

Conservative firebrand Mark Levin absolutely eviscerated Univision’s journalist Jorge Ramos over his tirade against Trump that lead to his ejection, and his later rant when he was let back in. Watch the fireworks fly!! Wow – there are few that can devastate someone rhetorically as incisively and intelligently as Mark Levin can, and he brought

Trump Lays Out EXACTLY How Christianity Will Be Treated Under His Presidency

One of the more pleasing parts of Trump’s candidacy is his unabashed advocacy of a very important cornerstone of America’s past that has fallen by the wayside and even despised lately – Christianity. In this interview with Hugh Hewitt, el Trumpo outlines just what Christians can expect under a Donald Presidency, if he makes it

Hillary Refusing To Answer Reporter’s Question Made Her A Laughingstock This Week

In one of the more embarrassing and least persuasive political presser ever, Hillary Clinton tried to evade and ignore a tenacious Fox News reporter who demanded to know if she had wiped clean her private email servers. Her responses are laughably stupid. Watch below: This is THE scandal of Hillary’s campaign, and it’s causing more

Jeb Bush Stupidly Insulted Ted Cruz – His Response is Perfect

I’m not sure what Jeb Bush was thinking when he stupidly called Ted Cruz an “anchor baby,” but not only was he wrong, he made himself look like a silly ass, and gave Cruz the opportunity to strike back with his own missive. From Politico: Texas Sen. Ted Cruz on Friday fired back at Jeb

This Picture Of Obama Vacationing Is An Embarrassment To Every American

White House correspondent Mark Knoller captured what might be the definitive picture of Obama and the mealy-mouthed impotent administration he leads. Behold Obama in all his slacks-wearing, safety-helmeted, bike-riding glory: A presidential drive-by as First Family went biking this morning on Martha's Vineyard. @POTUS returns to DC tomorrow. — Mark Knoller (@markknoller) August 22,