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Chelsea Clinton Was Completely EMBARRASSED By The Response To Her $2,700 A Ticket ‘SoulCycle’ Fundraiser!!

When Chelsea Clinton put out that she was going to run a “SoulCycle” exercise class in order to raise money for Hillary’s campaign at $2,700 a ticket, the media went nuts! You’d think with all this free publicity that it would have been a huge success!! Well you’d be wrong! LOL!! What the organizer Laurie

Watch This Video BLOW UP Stupid Liberal Talking Point About The ‘Gun Show Loophole’!!

In this great video from conservative Steven Crowder, he takes aim at the ridiculous narrative of the “gun show loophole” that liberals just love to blurt out even though they have no idea what they’re talking about. Watch below: The video has gone viral in just a few days with more than one million views,

Christian Leaders Were NOT Happy When Donald Trump Did THIS!

Donald Trump has been trying to prove his Christian bona fides in order to get the Evangelical vote in the GOP primary race, but when was able to negotiate an endorsement from this son of a famous Evangelist, a lot of Christians leaders were NOT happy! Watch below: Here’s more about the controversy from┬áChristian Broadcast

What College Grads Said About Judge Judy Will Make You Give Up Everything

Judge Judy is one of the most popular television figures, but what 10% of college grads said about her will make you pull your kids from college and give up on the future of America. Watch below: Yes, that’s right 10% of grads thought that Judge Judy was on the Supreme Court when asked on

Flashback!! Watch This Liberal HERO Say That We’d Run Out Of OIL By 2011!!

It is truly amazing how liberals worship and love Jimmy Carter despite all of the stuff he screwed up and all the stuff he got wrong. Here’s a great example. In this speech from before I was born, the liberal hero warns that we need to dismantle our economy because science says that we’ll run

MSNBC Host Calls Mark Levin ‘Distasteful,’ So He UTTERLY Obliterates HIM!!

Low-rated half-witted MSNBC host Chris Matthews and conservative firebrand Mark Levin have a long and rancorous history, and it broke out into a feud when Matthews called Levin “distasteful” during his radio show! Mark Levin’s response was epic and awesome: While Levin is never one to hold back what he really thinks, he also backs