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Game Changer: NBC Caught in HUGE Lie About Leaked Trump Audio

NBC News isn’t doing much for the already floundering reputation of the mainstream media. The news agency has reportedly been caught lying about the controversial “hot mic” video that featured Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump making lewd remarks about women. NBC said its delayed airing the video until its lawyers had a chance to review

Billy Bush Unveils What NBC Did to Trump Tape Before Leak

It always seemed a bit hypocritical that those being the most judgmental about the conversation between Donald Trump and Billy Bush back in 2005 were those in the entertainment industry, many of whom have the same conversations and pass the same judgments every day. That’s coming even further into relief after an insider report indicated

James Dobson Issues Surprising Trump Announcement After Leaked Audio

The liberal mainstream media — and establishment Republicans — have tried every trick in the book to take down GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump. In the latest attempt to malign Trump, an 11-year-old video was released in which Trump made lewd comments about women. While some establishment Republicans used this as an excuse to withdraw

Shocker EMAIL: See What Clinton Camp Demands for Her Masterplan

An email released in the recent Wikileaks dump laid out Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s real plan for the future — and it didn’t include justice, equality or fairness. Instead, Clinton’s plan for the future revolved around maintaining political power while working to create an “unaware” and “compliant” citizenry. The email came from Bill Ivey,

Women Offended by Trump Tape Should Grow Up: Happy Days Star

The GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump has suffered from media thrashing due too release of a 2005 audio recording, where Trump had some offensive words to say about women. While many of the Republicans have left Trump’s side following this incident, Scott Baio is not one of them. According to The Daily Caller, Baio, the

Trump’s Leaked Tape Is Distracting America From THIS

The GOP presidential candidate’s remarks about women from a 2005 audio tape have taken over The news channels as well as the internet, thereby effectively distracting people from real issues that America faces, according to Monica Crowley. The conservative radio host appeared on the Fox News show, “Hannity”, to make her point, according to Conservative101.