Australia Choses a Side!

As tensions rise between the U.S. and North Korea, other countries are taking sides.

China, for example, has said they’ll remain “neutral” if North Korea attacks the United States first.


Gee, thanks, China…

On the flip side, Austraila has vowed to stand with the United States, and will invoke its military alliance with the U.S. when and if North Korea strikes.


Australia has said it would invoke its long standing military alliance with America in the event the North Korean regime attacks the US. Malcolm Turnbull, Australia’s prime minister, issued the pledge on Friday following overnight talks with US vice-president Mike Pence about escalating tensions on the Korean peninsula. “America stands by its allies, including Australia of course, and we stand by the US,” Mr Turnbull told Australian radio.

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  • Sanpedrojoe

    A communications understanding point.
    I conclude you do not understand diplo-speak, else you wouldn’t have said what you did, gratuitous snidery that it is, about the ChiCom statement of being neutral if NoKo attacks (or does something REALLY stupid) first.
    In those kinds of messaging, they are telling the US publicly os it includes all players and tangentially located others that they are going to the sidelines under that specific circumstance, and hence what the US decides to do in response will not set off a chain raction of subsequent official actions by them like what happened to touch off WWI, with its iinterlocking treaties and other nonsense.
    That’s the intentional significance.
    Semper Fi

    • Arcturus6

      That would be a realistic interpretation of China ‘s position, given the situation at hand. Her remaining neutral would, as I see it, indicate a strategy of letting NK reap what it sows.

      • Anvil6

        AND, as a bonus, allowing someone else, the good ole USA in this case, take out the deranged dictator next door to their own country.

  • StingraySFO

    Brings to mind that old tried and true saying…..’Know thy enemy if you hope to win the war’.
    China? Friend or foe? The China military? Friendly? Don’t think so. They forget about how America jumped into the fray when they were attacked by Japan. Japan was winning, until our military cae into it with the ‘Flying Tigers’ that decimated the invaders.

    • toddyo1935

      Oh how we forget! So much heroism during the China campaign – Flying Tigers dogfighting with Japanese Zero’s – Flying the hump over Himalaya’s in C-46’s and C-47’s. Slogging through jungles on the Burma Road to surprise the Japanese and supply Chang Kai Chek’s forces. As usual, we let the commies take over when the chips were down. Reminds me of the Jesuits during the 16th Century Protestant Reformation when they were busy converting China to Christianity until the Vatican told them to stand down. Humans are a strange lot.

      • StingraySFO

        My next door neighbor was a Flying Tigers fighter pilot. Oh, the stories he talked about, would stand your hair on end. Shot down once, back up in the air next day, thanks to the local people, hailed as a hero!

  • james oriley

    Wonder where the rest of are Allies are, especially the ones we have saved !