Atrocious Footage of Toddler Being Radicalized – Recorded by Her Muslim Father

In the midst of the dispute over Muslim immigrants, Barack Obama claimed that most immigrants are harmless women and children – individuals who would never want, or be able, to hurt Americans. Well, this video shows us just how young the violence and hate of Islam can be instilled to a child, and it makes no difference whether they’re a boy or a girl.

This young girl is shown being encouraged by her father to celebrate and hope for more stabbings of Israelis, right after numerous Israeli deaths in Gaza.

Be warned, this video is chilling and disturbing.

It is utterly shameful to steal a child’s innocence like this. As hard as it is to watch, this video is instructive to the type of deep-seated hate Muslims can have for those who go against their beliefs. How we react is up to us.

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