Are Trump’s Values Aligned With America’s?

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) claims President Trump’s values don’t ”line up with most Americans.”

Gillibrand stated, “I think what happens in November is going to decide what our country looks like. I think this election is a referendum on President Trump. On the fact that he doesn’t represent most Americans. That his values don’t line up with most Americans. And so being heard in this election sets the stage for everything in the future.”


  • Finder1009

    Actually Trumps Values DO line up with most Americans, also lines up with American History. the NWO values do NOT line up with ANYTHING that America has stood for, for over 200 years.

    • Susiedarling

      Totally agree, Finder. I am an older person who has been in this country since birth and what the Democrats are offering us in exchange for Trump’s values are totally foreign and totally against what this country has been known for since the beginning.

    • Gaillee

      Totally agree ! Trump’s is for We the People and he loves America!

  • Richard Bagenstose

    trumps values are right on, it’s liberals values that don’t speak for americans , unlike democrats and rino’s trump listens to we the people , the only ones who have a problem with trump are the hate america crowd , and shouldn’t be in our country in the first place , you hate america ,LEAVE, i ain’t never seen so much b/s in my life as these cry babies crying about stupid stuff ,if you have a family member that was killed by an illegal , if you were molested as a child , if you were raped or beaten, you probably don’t see things like the crazy liberals do , if you are a recipiant of any of this crap , you probably feel like i do, wish they would shut up till they get something important to bitch about ,you know what happens to you in other countries if you try and act like they are acting , you either go to prison , shot , or just disapear mysteriously like so many of hillarys enemies have done

  • Bill Manseau

    Yes, I believe they do!

  • Tomcat01

    I don’t agree with everything Trump has said or done, but he’s spot on. I find it refreshing to have someone who speaks their mind rather than someone who’s trying to blow smoke up my tailpipe.

    • GomeznSA

      Tom – pretty much what I was going to say. I’ll add two things -1) at least DJT has some values (most of which are aligned with America’s core values) – unlike his predecessor whose only apparent values were to hate America and destroy it, 2) gillibrand and her ilk make lofty claims – but NEVER offer any proof of those claims nor any ways to make things better.

      • Dennis Recker

        You are right The evidence is everywhere. Look at any City or State for that matter that has fallen under one party rule. They have descended into crime ridden, violence and have become places where government fails to solve problems and protect it’s people.

  • C. LeSaint

    So tired, sick and disgusted with the liberal communist spouting off their anti-American, anti-Christian, putrid vomit about President Trump and America’s values! Time to round them up and permanently commit them to insane asylums or Venezuela!

  • Dennis Recker

    Once again liberals think that everyone is like minded with them and that the values they hold and the ends they seek are main stream and desired by everyone else. This elitist blindness is why they were so certain of the 2016 Presidential Election outcome. They did not see or hear the millions of frustrated Americans who silently grew agitated during the Obama years, and became increasingly more angry about the direction this country (THEIR COUNTRY) was being taken. After the election in their disbelief they struggled and debated as to why Hillary lost her election so badly. Today they remain focused on explanation instead of self inspection and correction while their liberal progressive party moves even further left toward socialism. And while they huddle in their safe places engaged in group think therapy they are again blind to the growing number of Americans who support a President (OUR PRESIDENT) who brings us relief and works to restore the country (Our Country). The President is in touch with a mighty big part of the Country and while liberals anticipate and predict their big blue wave on November 6, 2018 the people who elected President Trump and more will elect more conservatives to the House and Senate leaving the liberals in disbelief yet again; to wonder what happened and to dream of certain success in 2020.

  • Tony Barreda

    If cheating on three wives is in line with American values, then I agree.
    If treating women as merely sex objects is in line, then I agree.
    If making disparaging remarks about women, blacks, Latins and handicaps is in line with America’s values, then I agree.
    If not paying workers for work done is in line with America’s values, then I agree.
    If cozying up to our arch enemy, Russia, then I agree.
    If allowing more dangerous pollution into the air that will be causing more illnesses on children, is in line, then I agree. If separating and ignoring the values and importance of families. Then I agree.

    • Ah nutz

      crap—grow up…

      • Tony Barreda

        Ah Nutty, I forgot to note the endless lies oozing out of trump’s mouth, is this in line with our values?
        This is valuable, how about hush money being paid to a porn star and a playboy bunny in order to silence their story and using campaign money. Is this also our values. LOCK HIM UP!!!

  • Ah nutz

    ya, so far Trump is our hero=making America great again for sure.

    • Tony Barreda

      Glad you said”so far”. This man lied to you, me and the whole Nation. I cannot close my eyes and ignore his corruption. The values of our great Country should not be stained by him. He has ignored the motto “E PLURIBUS UNUM” by dividing us. We are one, Black, Brown, White, Yellow and Red.

  • Tommy

    He fits my valued perfectly I’m a middle of the road Republican. I’m not to the right or left of the Republican Party views. History will show President Trump as America’s Greatest President. In 1984 the NEW YORK TIMES did a piece saying Donald Trump would be the Perfect American President. Nothing has changed except the Times

  • driech


  • Gammi2Anna

    I originally decided to support Donald J. Trump for the reason that he was a very successful “businessman” and NOT a Politician. We’ve been electing politicians over and over and where did that get us? Si I decided why not give a businessman a chance? After-all, running America would be no different that what a successful businessman does every day and Donald J. Trump was the only candidate with that particular experience. all the others, from both parties where just money-grubbing politicians. Even before he was elected he showed us how he could and would cut cost, bring in new job opportunities and stop being the door mat for all the other countries that Obama thought bowing before was appropriate. He refused to take a salary and has already kept many of his promises which has lead to more jobs and families going back to work, spending the extra money they are getting from tax breaks and increasing growth of the economy. So I was not Wrong. A businessman was the right choice that WE, the Deplorable People voted for and will vote for again, and again and again. That covers all the mid-term elections so that OUR President can continue to MAGA by having REAL conservative members in the Senate and Congress.

  • david obrien

    yes trump is right and trying to save america from obama and clinton and the criminal doj fbi and corrupt federal judges. american people have it right get rid of the liberals and the corrupt democrats and make america great again. then we can get rid of all the illegal aliens and the muslims

  • A_Nobody

    Far more than those of any Democrat or RINO who push for socialism and the NWO.

  • Alfred Neuman

    Gillebrand is a Dem.Senator from New York, Who in recent times has taken a hard turn to
    the Left incl.Supporting broad amnesty for illegal immigrants, weaker rather than stronger immigration Enforcement (“open borders”), supports Laws and regulations making unions stronger not weaker, & has for Whatever reason big on supporting Muslim radical terrorists in the Middle East Muslim terrorists over Israel.

    Apparently Gillebrand has decided That the way to get ahead in the current Democrat party is To join their increasingly radical leftist Tilt.
    By doing so and adopting their policies,I submit that SHE is out of touch with the goals of most mainstream Americans & look Anything she says with suspicion!

  • His values are the American ideal & they are what we urgently need to be applied to save this country. How can there be any doubt?