Ann Coulter Says Deportation Would Stop Shootings

Conservative columnist Ann Coulter recently discussed on Fox about her column which tied together mass shootings and immigration which was written by coulter just days before the Parkland mass shooting.

Coulter stated, “I would like to do something, too. And that is an immigration moratorium and mass deportations. As I wrote about this week, 47 percent of all mass shootings since 2000 have been committed by first- or second-generation immigrants. I mean, if you take out some of the frightening ones and some of the spectacular ones committed by immigrants and the children of immigrants — San Bernardino, the Pulse Night Club, Fort Hood, Virginia Tech. You take out some of the really big ones, what you’re left with are these sad young men with what is clearly paranoid schizophrenia. And then we can deal with it as a mental health problem. But you want to cut mass shootings in half, like that — you got to put an end to Teddy Kennedy’s 1965 immigration act. Just so Teddy could have a legacy, we have to live with twice as many mass shootings.”