America’s #1 Retirement Expert Gives Away FREE Book, Reveals New “501(k)” Plan Featuring 18 Little-Known Income Secrets


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Did you know there’s a secret “account” 54 U.S. Congressmen use to make 40 times interest on their money?

Or what about this…

Over 55? Did you know you may qualify for a special, non-government “guaranteed income program” that lets you collect up to $1,200 a month on top of Social Security?

These are just two of the little-known income secrets revealed in The “501(k)” Plan: How to Fully Fund Your Own Worry-Free Retirement- At Any Age, Ted Benna’s latest book.

Benna, as you may recall, is the man who created the first 401(k) savings plan. Now he’s pulling the curtains on many investments he says are… not only many times safer than Wall Street… but that can also help you get better returns. 

For example, in the book, you’ll discover:

  • How to set up our own “$330,000 health care fund” (page 179)
  • The secret “app” that could let you make $2,800/month (page 355)
  • A Playboy’s “$50 million secret” anyone can use (page 315)
  • The “Senior Homeowners’ Reward” program created by the FHA can let you collect between $575 and $2,200 in tax-free income (page 135)
Already, over 100,000 have paid $49 to get access to the secrets inside this book.
But now, thanks to a national income experiment, you can get a full 384-page hardbound copy for free!
People are raving about the different “501(k)” ideas…
“Absolutely stunned,” says Philip P. 
“Helped me turn a $7,500 investment into $205,000,” says Sherri O’Donnell. 
And Werner B. says “This is by far the best income strategy I have ever used… I have reached my goals of $5,000 per month in income!”
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EDITOR’S NOTE: Please be aware that only a very limited quantity of free books are available. First come, first served. Also, along with your book you’ll also receive two free reports. One shows you how to add up to an extra $19,200 on Social Security. The other explains how you can “bypass” the RMD requirement on your IRA.