Adam Schiff Bashes The Entire GOP

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is claiming that the GOP was not interested in finding out the truth regarding Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations against Supreme Court associate justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Schiff stated, “What’s in my mind is there are serious allegations of Judge Kavanaugh committed attempted rape. Are we going to take those allegations seriously? Are we going to try and get to the bottom of this or are we simply going to blind ourselves and say we are okay having someone on the Supreme Court of the United States who committed attempted rape for life. That’s not okay for me. We should try top find out did this happen.”

“Their goal is to try to push this through and try to avoid any further damage before the midterms. That’s really all they care about here. It is not about get the truth and it is not showing respect for this witness. It is about avoiding a perception that they’re simply not interested in whether Brett Kavanaugh committed attempted rape. There are more important things in their view and having this conservative majority in the Supreme Court is all that really matters.”

  • TheNo1skinsfan

    You are damn right that the conservative majority on the Court is all that matters, Congressman Schidtt! It’s the only thing protecting our right to bear arms.

    • Willie Reeves

      Such a crazy one indeed. You are one of the sick puppies who can’t take your head out of the sand and breath fresh air. You people are unreal with this shit about the right to bear arms. You wish to bare arms join the military and assume your rights and for your country. I just bet those like you have not.

      • CCblogging

        We will keep our guns whether they are ever outlawed are legal. The reason we will is because of the Fascist/Communist Democrat Party and idiots like you that vote for them.

      • TheNo1skinsfan

        I was in ROTC when I was in college. While I was in college I suffered a collapsed lung. It’s called a spontaneous pneumothorax. Unfortunately, I was to cleared medically unfit for active duty after that spontaneous pneumothorax.

        I was willing to serve my country. I was willing to put my life on my on the line for the freedoms that we have. I’m not a bitch boy like you.

      • GomeznSA

        So ;Willie’ how many years did YOU serve? I’m guessing none since you don’t know the difference between bear arms and bare arms.

      • Judy Roberts

        He’s one of the sick puppies??..Hey DA.. we’re in our 70’s and REGRET already being in the military so that loudmouthed freedom haters like you can act like some heroic mouthpiece for a bunch of lefty whiners who are willing to let anyone else die protecting themselves and family… At the rate your race is going down with black on black murder. How lucky do you feel??…I know I feel GREAT…!

      • Tomcat01

        The 2d Amendment protects my and your right to bear arms. I don’t have to join the military to do that.

      • Tomcat01

        BTW, I did 23 years. How many did you serve?

        • Jim

          Tom, I think you for your long Service to our COUNTRY. from a USAF Vet. 55-62

      • crockett

        Been there ,did that . You ? Yep my right to bear arms is one that will not be taken away .

      • Frank W Brown

        Were you BORN an IDIOT, or do you have to WORK at it fool??? You might want to learn how to spell so your ignorance won’t be so much on display!!! To bear or bare, that is the question of the day!!!

  • Peleus

    I believe this whole circus is a political thing just to stop the Supreme from becoming fair, balanced, up hold the Constitution, and the rule of law as it was intended. They got nothing it appears except for paid off folks that will say what they are told to say.

  • I do not believe that “Attempted rape” was even mentioned, was it? I do however, believe that Adam Schiff is one of the biggest IDIOTS in the senate! There is NO credibility in any of these allegations!

    • June G

      From what I read she was a “party girl” in high school. Don’t believe 1 stinking thing about her “stories”. Soros and Feinstein should had lined up better “witnesses”! Communist Democrat Party will enslave America if Republicans can’t find a back bone or a set. They are just as disgraceful as all of these CRAP STORIES!

      • Jim

        June, she is from the bay area and a left wing Demc. teacher, that tell me what she is.

    • ggrdr05

      he is a total snake

      • Jim

        He seems to be a gay bitch.

  • Retied

    Adam Schitt has proven himself to manufacture the narrative to fit his own slanted view rather than the truth. He is a sleazy, poor excuse of a California politician who you can tell he is lying because his mouth is moving.

  • BruceW

    Adam Shit for Brains is a piece of human garbage. Who cares what he thinks

  • kjsiii

    If all this was so important and so credible, why didn’t the Dems, particularly Feinstein, ask for an “FBI investigation” back in July, when she first got the letter? The FBI has already run 6 background checks on Kavanaugh during his career. They simply wanted to delay the confirmation vote so he would be defeated one way or the other.

  • Raquel Salientes

    Yep, Adam Schiff. getting a conservative SCOTUS is truly the important thing, which you and the Dems absolutely abhor. So you throw un- credible accusers, who can’t bring up witnesses, unwilling to testify for fear of perjury. You are probably one of the most laughable Congressmen there is. You’re always so far outside of the argument, it’s remarkable how people can’t see how stupid you are. I’m not sure you is more ridiculous, you or Maxine Waters. You, maybe, because you pretend to be so self-righteous in the face of indisputable arguments against your case.

  • johnnywoods

    Adam Schiff is a bald-faced liar.

  • Patrick Feeney

    Adam Schiff (D-CA) is wrong. He’s in the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party has become a left wing hate group which is populated with anti-Christian bigots!

  • Queenchallenger

    Rep. Adam Schiff is a big head weasel with no credibility.

  • Jim Kellely

    How in Hell does an idiot get elected? Oh, its Calif! Shittt is an idiotic AO, period! Wake up conservatives or this plague he suffers will consume you too. Its clear, this whole accusation scandal is nothing more than a ploy to delay or stop an appointment before the upcoming elections. Sad, isn’t it!

  • Kent Powers

    Ask Feinstein she withheld evidence you would have had months to investigate, file on her for colluding with the enemy. If you believe this garbage I’ve got some great investments for you.

  • CCblogging

    How about that, Schiff is one of the biggest liars in the Democrat Party and there’s many in that cesspool of parasites. Schiff is a creep and he dares to talk about ethics, yet he has none.

  • kevin meyer

    Shiffty Schiff, Your photo cheering on Maxine waters at a rally can only be outdone by your rainbow tee shirt you were donning!

    • Jim

      Kevin, if this ass is not gay, I am, and I like women.

  • generalJed

    “The End Justifies the Means”, right Mr. Schiff? Jesus Christ would never make it to the Supreme Court if he were Republican. All your Party knows is totalitarianism, lies, and atheism. Look at his fanatical eyes; just like Pelosi’s!

    • Jim

      General, I have always said and told people, if you want to know what a person is made of, just look at their eyes. It is a give-a-way that they are lying and a lair.


    Who cares what George Soros’s son in law says?

  • Tomcat01

    Adam Shit is a liar and the truth is already known. Six background checks topped by 13th hour accusations with no facts provided by the accuser says it all.

  • pete

    Adam Stiff, it’s rumored indiscretions of your past and youth are being investigated. Lets see how good you really are at CYA.

  • srw

    Boy.. the last person we should listen to for truth is this crooked DEm. Why when good old Diane got the letter.. which she held… did the Dems immediately send high power lawyers, Feinstein Aide(previously Big in Hillary campaign… destroyed the Prof’s social media. Did she have something to hide that did not fit the slime these Dems were about to unleash.

  • Frank W Brown

    Schitty schiff can go pound sand, he’s a total assw*pe and will. hopefully, get VOTED OUT at his next election for being a total POS!!!

  • Richard

    Adam Shit is a typical California dumbocrap against everything that isn’t socialism.