Sarah Sanders “Appalled” By Democrats

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders recently admitted to Fox News that Democrats’ unwillingness to reach a negotiation with President Trump was “appalling.”

The “Lose-Lose” Situation That’s a Risk To Your Savings

In 2018, the Fed raised rates four times, despite signs the economy is not doing well. Here’s how the Fed’s tunnel vision could result in a “lose-lose” situation for all Americans… Peter Reagan, January 11, 2019 In December, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates yet again, with Fed Chair Jerome Powell claiming “the economy is

Sen. Cruz Again Champions Congressional Term Limits

For the second time, Senator Ted Cruz along with Representative Francis Rooney have made a proposal to amend the Constitution in favor of setting term limits on members of Congress.

DNC Lawmaker Would ‘Love’ To Govern Speech

A Democratic lawmaker is in hot water after saying that he “would love” to mandate the content of speech, if only the First Amendment didn’t prevent him.

Canada Grants Bail To Huawei Exec

A Canadian court has opted to allow Meng Wanzhou, the executive of Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, to post bail after being under arrest for 10 days.

’The View’ Co-hosts Counter Joy Behar

After ranting about Trump on “The View”, Joy Behar’s co-hosts reached their limit and sounded off with some actual truth.