Senate Trying To Bring Back The Dream Act

The Senate is looking toward bringing back the Dream Act, even though the Senate is being run by Republicans.

Khan labels Trump as an insult to Muslims

Citing his opinion that many people in the United Kingdom oppose President Donald Trump’s policies, London Mayor Sadiq Khan said it would not be “appropriate” for Trump to be welcomed in a state visit to the UK.

Trump REELS IN Billion Dollar Investment

India’s Mahindra Ltd. plans on doubling their investment in the U.S. based on the economy under President Trump.

Trump triggers flood of Dem candidates

For better and for worse, crowded House primaries are becoming a familiar sight on the Democratic side.

Trump Earns High Ratings on the Economy

New polls show that Americans give President Donald Trump high ratings on the economy, despite new numbers showing his presidential approval ratings are lower.

Phoenix PD: Do Not Call ICE

PHOENIX, Arizona — The Phoenix Police Department is looking into implementing a new policy for officers that would keep them asking about immigration status or from contacting U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement when dealing with any type of violation.