Hillary Just LOST BLM Voters After THIS Secret Video LEAKED

Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has always been a flawless example of hypocrisy, condescension and arrogance. Occasionally, these attributes shine through even brighter than usual, reminding us of just how morally corrupt she is. Recently, an interaction with a black man illustrated Clinton’s people problems, and it also explained why her handlers don’t let her

Here’s How Hillary’s Pickle Jar Stunt Backfired Badly

Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was in Los Angeles recently (surely as a backup plan after missing a connecting flight to the floods in Louisiana), where she socialized with Hollywood celebrities to raise funds instead of standing with regular American citizens in need. While in L.A., she also found time to make an appearance on

Find Out Which Important FBI Files Went Missing Recently

Ronald Kessler, a former contributor for The Washington Post and current The New York Times bestselling author, claimed in a column published recently that vital FBI files previously housed at the National Archives have gone missing. He wrote for U.K. Daily Mail: “On two separate occasions, this author visited the National Archives and Records Service

Doctor Questions Hillary’s Health, Gets Taken Out by Thugs

CNN spin-off HLN announced this week the cancellation of Dr. Drew Pinsky’s eponymous program, and some suspected that Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had orchestrated this sudden removal of the board-certified medicine specialist and TV personality from the public sphere. CNN vice president Ken Jautz, who managed HLN, explained in a statement: “Dr. Drew and I

Trump’s Response to the President of Mexico Is Quite Surprising

In an admission that may be somewhat surprising to some, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump told Fox News host Sean Hannity during a recent town hall meeting that he would be happy to meet with the current president of Mexico. According to ABC News, that remark came following a recent report that Mexican President Enrique

Boy Bullied For Supporting Trump, And then He Did This

There have been numerous incidents of individuals being assaulted, bullied and harassed simply due to the fact that they support Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, even when those supporters are young school students. That is what happened to 12-year-old Colorado resident Weston Imer, who was bullied by classmates last year for supporting the GOP candidate.