You Can’t Miss Trump’s Response To Hillary’s Insult Of Americans

Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s ill health may have stolen the spotlight all these weeks but it was far from her only stumble on the 9/11 weekend. In fact, she was probably happy that rumors about her fitness were overshadowing the comments she made about Republican rival Donald Trump’s supporters on Friday. It didn’t take

Obama Makes SHAMEFUL Request At 9/11 Memorial

During a Pentagon memorial service on Sunday honoring the victims of the terror attacks that took place on Sept. 11, 2001, President Barack Obama let his unprofessionalism and carelessness get the best of him, which was nothing short of disgraceful. A source close to the situation said that Obama arrived early to the memorial and

Trump Angers Millions with His 2nd Amendment Plan

One common criticism of billionaire businessman and presidential candidate Donald Trump is that he far too often speaks in vague generalities and rarely offers specifics about where he stands on the issues. That is no longer the case, at least regarding his stance on gun rights and the Second Amendment, after Trump released his official

Hillary Visits ER and News Leaks to Public

Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had initially planned to go to an emergency room after her collapse at the Sept. 11 memorial ceremony Sunday, but changed those plans in an attempt to keep details of her health a secret. Secret Service protocol called for Clinton to be taken to a state-designated Level I Trauma Center,

WATCH: THIS Falls From Hillary’s Pants as She Collapses

Last week September 11th marked the fifteenth anniversary of the blackest day of the United States. And while for most Americans it was a day of remembrance, for Hillary Clinton, however, it was a day of utter mortification. As everyone knows by now, the democrat presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton collapsed after being escorted out from

BREAKING: Angelina Jolie Speaks Against Obama Leadership

The Hollywood actress and human rights advocate had some brutal words to say at UK’s .K.’s House of Lords recently. According to The Gateway Pundit reports, She said that the Islamic State group (ISIS) uses sexual violence to propagate terrorism, and that a strong leadership is needed to combat this situation. Do we have that