North Korea Sustaining Slave Trade in Libya

Believe it or not, Slavery is still thriving in many parts of the world. One of these places is Lybia where CNN found slave auctions being held and workers being sold for a mere $800.

NFL Players Kneel on Veterans Day

On a day dedicated to the men and women who lay their lives down for the freedom of their people, you would think that people could come together and show some respect. But within the silly sport, football, players are still choosing to show major disrespect.

California City Counsel is Now ‘100 percent LGBTQ’

Following Tuesday’s election, the city of Palm Springs is now a “100 percent LGBTQ” city counsel.

Texas Shooting Caused By Obama’s Policies

Ted Cruz attacked Obama and his administration for their irresponsibility of prosecuting felons who lied on the purchase forms for guns.

President’s “huge” tax plan misses this secret [retire 100% tax-free!]

This 100% Legal Tax Haven Could Pay You $6,842 a Month Ted Benna, the man widely credited as the “father” of the 401(k), is now advocating for a radically different type of plan he’s calling the “501(k)”… These little-known plans are 100% legal tax havens already being used by at least 54 different U.S. Congressmen and White House

Trump Announces Timeline for Tax Reform

President Donald Trump has announced his desired timeline for the passage of tax reform legislation, indicating that it could come act as a gift to Americans just in time for holiday festivities.